How a Single Platform can Manage Multiple Ecommerce Stores

There are already big names in the online ecommerce industry offering multi store ecommerce services. Out of them e-Smart eCommerce Suite is one of the growing multiple stores management software.

Understanding a concept of multiple stores:
Now, it’s time to understand what actually the multi store concept is and how it manages different line of inventories in a single panel. Normally, a multi ecommerce stores are hosted on same platform but here the e-Smart eCommerce Suite is one that offers you to manage stores hosted on different platform – in simple words, if you own more than a single e-commerce stores that uses different storefronts or platforms – e.g. Yahoo Store, Amazon Webstore, eBay Storefront, Asp.Net or PHP, you can customize all according to your requirement and set up and manage all of them in Single panel that works as a Single independent platform. How it’s easy to say! In fact, it’s difficult to build such a technically advanced system or let’s say an ecommerce platform but we did it and successfully integrated all the major ecommerce features works behind the system to make it more powerful.

Multi Store Ecommerce
Multi-Store E-commerce Management
Why you need a platform for multiple stores management?
A strong and few of one reason why you need a multi stores ecommerce platform is the location and language that your business is operating from. If you’re potential customers based in different countries, and the product line is same, then you don’t need to manage a single product in all different stores, in other way, you can add same product in different store and as expected, each have an online presence of product details in a language, currency and measures particular to a country your store belongs to.

Multi Stores
Multiple Stores - Single Admin Panel - eSmart Ecommerce Suite

Finally, the multiple ecommerce software made for you is:
E-Smart Ecommerce Suite makes it easy to set up multiple stores that share the same or a set of inventory items, whether or not those stores are on the same platform or on different supported platforms. You can simply add a new store by a single click to Add store. Next, you can have an option to choose the ecommerce storefront or platform that each store uses and then you can decide a level of inventory that either you can use the same or shared inventory from other stores.

Whom to approach to get this ecommerce software and consultation:
Ydeveloper is a strong contender and is first in the custom ecommerce service provider. Their years of achievements and contributions to the ecommerce development encouraged them to design and develop a back-end ecommerce solution as mentioned above. Feel free to get a quote and advise on multiple ecommerce store management.

More on multi-store ecommerce:

7 Tips of Planning an Ecommerce Website before it Launches

There are so many options in today’s market that you don’t need to set off for building an ecommerce website.  As an alternative, take the time to consider the following factors before making your decision or finding a trustworthy partner for e-commerce solutions:

Pricing – Paying for the right

Cost matters, but be sure you know what you’re paying for before you sign on the spotted line.  For example, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Get an estimate of the customization of your ecommerce store, to find how much it does cost
  • Study the package or make sure about what items included in the ecommerce package you are going to acquire for ecommerce site development.
  • Depending on numbers of products and functionality, you should opt for right hosting services as it’s not expensive in some cases while it may when your site get traction.
Functionality – From where you need to start

Depending on your business model, there may be some cutting-edge ecommerce features that you completely must have in order to achieve something.  For example, if you look forward to selling products globally, you’ll need to hire an ecommerce site builder that allows you to manage payments from multiple countries.  On the other hand, if you plan to offer products that can be customized on multiple levels, you’ll need to devote in a system that manages this practice proficiently.

Click on image to know more about each feature....
Functionality of E-commerce Store
Look and Feel – Design an Ecommerce Site to Maximize Sales

Designing an e-commerce siteAs much as you might like to think that the quality of your products will overcome any weaknesses in your site’s design, you’ve got to face the harsh reality that most visitors only spend a few seconds on a new website before deciding whether to click the “Back” button or learn more about your business.  If your design isn’t up to snuff, your odds of retaining these visitors and converting them into buyers are pretty slim.

SEO – Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Google Search

SEO for e-commerceSearch engine optimization is a essential part of building natural search engine traffic to your site, and the way your ecommerce store is well thought-out plays a big role in determining whether your site will be bring into being and prioritized by the search engines or whether you’ll be assessed penalties for things like duplicate content on your product pages. So, as to rank well and get found on search engine, contact a search engine specialist to build a powerful ecommerce SEO strategy that works.

Support – How good your customer services are

If this is your first ecommerce site, having good support is crucial, as you’re bound to run into at least a few issues during your launch.  The best ecommerce site builders provide 24/7 live support, email support, phone support and a ticket system, support through Twitter and other social media all of which help you to get answers to your questions as soon as possible.

Scaling – Not just for weight loss anymore

It’s not an overnight job that your shop gets high as compare to Amazon. It’s reasonable to think that initially we start with small and will grow gradually as people take more interest in your business, product or brand. Thus, the business grows; your website will be growing in all areas to give customers more valuable product and services. So, look around all the features and ecommerce solution that your website needs to get it updated with latest technology, functionality etc.

Testimonials – The final step

When analyzing ecommerce site providers, remember that it’s incredibly easy to put up a website and look professional.  Any teenager with a good computer and a few hours of free time can put up a page full of website templates and call it an ecommerce site builder, even if the support and features provided fall well short of what the true professionals in this industry offer.
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