How to boost Sales with eCommerce Integration during Christmas

New eCommerce Feature Integration in Christmas
Are you running an eCommerce site, but have been struggling for some time to streamline different processes? Then look no further, Ydeveloper provides different types of eCommerce integration services specially to boost sales in your store during Christmas that are sure to simplify and organize your eCommerce site. 

It is said that the efficiency of an eCommerce shop depends on the effectiveness of eCommerce features integration. If the eCommerce integration has been thoughtfully planned and executed, the online businesses would run like well-oiled machines. Ydeveloper will help you achieve just that.

Types of eCommerce integration presented by Ydeveloper include: 
  • Backend Integrations
  • Shipping Service Rate Integration
  • Online Payment Service Integration
  • Web Site Traffic Analysis Tools Integration
  • Integration with Other Sales Channels
With Ydevelopers’ eCommerce Integration services, small, medium and large sized companies can look forward to saving their time, money and resources.

It is inexpensive and has different types of integration for different business requirements. Moreover, you can put the processes on an auto-pilot mode. So it will be a big blessing for small and medium sized businesses.

Likewise, companies with sizably larger traffic can manage their shipping and payment orders easily. The service is ideal for different organizations such as health care providers, R&D firms, web design companies etc. 

There are many companies offering a host of eCommerce integration services during holiday seasons at reasonable prices. However, choose an eCommerce provider that provides solutions as per your requirements and also supports you even after the integration process is over and done with. 

Ydeveloper has been a leading player in eCommerce development. The company offers a host of services including web development, design services, SEO marketing, mobile application, content management etc. Their services are affordable and help online companies accelerate profits. Trust them for your eCommerce integration services.

Prop Up Your Ecommerce Store For Holidays

Most of the ecommerce stores see their sales peak during the holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the festivals that alone can change the fate of your store’s balance sheet. You too can make the  most of these festivals by planning holiday marketing for your store without any further delay. You may redesign or optimize your store.

Following are the few tips to make your ecommerce store attractive and engaging:

Is your store ready for online holiday shopping?Gift Guide: This guide will help your customers in making their shopping decisions. Be it buying gifts for family, friends or co-workers, the guide should offer a range of gift ideas. You can offer this guidance in the form of tutorials, blog posts or articles. You can decide the form according to the nature of your business.

Shipping Calendar: The task of buying gifts for your loved ones doesn't end with just buying. They need to know when the products will reach them. If they have opted for customization, you even need to tell them how much time the customization will take and how much time the shipment will. This will help your customers chart their shopping schedule.

Special Discounts: Of course you need to offer special discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday because doing otherwise would be sacrilege. If you are unwilling to offer discount on each and every product of yours, you can either create special deals or offer special discounts on selected items.

Assistance: Set yourself apart from the competition by offering instant aide to your customers. You can either add special phone numbers wherein customers can call you with their questions or you can add live chat for that.

Refresh Product Descriptions: As your store is going to see the highest number of footfalls during holidays, it would pay to refresh the product description with the latest information and customers’ reviews.

Why eCommerce on Cloud is good during holiday season?

With holiday season around the corner, these are critical times for e-Commerce companies. It’s time to get their acts together with email campaigns, new landing pages, merchandising strategies, inventory planning and so on. Since huge traffic spikes are anticipated, the technical teams are expected to be on their toes 24x7. They have to support the rapid increase in visits and database calls; ensure that new projects are launched quickly and that systems are secure, all within the stipulated budgets.

Cloud Computing for eCommerce
Cloud computing is the perfect remedy for this sudden holiday fever that tends to grip the ecommerce space. The solution enables the eCommerce companies to achieve these objectives effortlessly. It is always a better option than running the applications in an organization’s own environment.
Benefits of Cloud Computing:
  • Pay-as-you-go solution 
  • A cost-efficient model than on-premise systems 
  • Free to expand or contract your costs according to your needs
  • Shifts the risk of expansion to the cloud computing provider 
  • You pay as you go and you don’t have to buy more hardware or software for the data center
  • Other advantages include: elasticity, scaling up with cloud computing based systems 
  • Aids in storage and database services 
  • Achieve better ROI by integrating with the existing back office
The function and delivery style of Cloud computing providers can be likened to electric companies. The company may have hundreds of electric generators, but the concern of the consumer is limited to the electricity that they consume. Likewise, Cloud users pay for what they use, no additional charges or costs are involved. Just connect and get what you want, if that means instant scalability to you, for anticipated or unanticipated traffic surges.

Profitability in the eCommerce business comes from not just driving sales but also by reducing costs and improving efficiency. And cloud computing helps you to just to that. The cloud computing is one saving grace for the IT department to support their organization and marketing endeavors during high season.

Thinking about a Concept of Multi-store for eCommerce

Sales in e-commerce are increasingly concentrated in the few industry giants. This requires in particular of smaller shops consistent business strategies - especially the focus on a few product groups or even on a single dedicated business unit.

Particularly lasting effect, the concept of multi-gate…
Multiple ecommerce store and single admin panel
According to the study results achieved among the top 1,000 multiple online shops a total turnover of around $20 billion accounted for the largest ten of them around $6.2 billion. This corresponds to a share of about 30 percent and an increase in sales of the industry giants by four percent compared to last year.

The 100 largest providers generated in the same period with $13.9 billion sales up nearly 70 percent. They increased their market share so much as 5 percent. The rest of the dwindling revenue from e-commerce remains for the ever growing number of smaller online shops. This means that more and more retailers have to share less and less revenue.

Online competition is on…

It is anticipated that in the future increasingly rely more established traders and shippers on the internet and thus increase competition. In addition, the technical development of e-commerce currently tends to favor the stationary retailer. An example of this are the apps on Internet-capable mobile phones, which ranges of local traders overlook is easy and can be compared. This "Location Based Services" opened considerably better ways to specifically address customer and make them offers that are appropriate to their particular situation.

Occupy niches with multi-store ecommerce solution…

In retail stores many years ago, the classic "mom and pop shop" were popular, but ultimately random range of retail chains and forte providers, most operators were not able to hold out the massive price pressure that has been generated, among other things due to the massive difference in the purchase quantities.

Following the same pattern now available as conventional and interchangeable online shops of small and medium scale…

For the specialization of online merchants can choose from several options. One important way is to reduce the range of shops in the area rigorously and comprehensively build the most promising product groups. Customers want to be professional advice - and this is in a time in which all the information is seemingly infinitely available, an essential resource. Instead of looking for expensive must want to find customers quickly - and get the feeling to get all the important information and have measured their investment made the best possible choice of product.

Until, some time ago mainly counted the price-performance ratio than selling point. Meanwhile, the time factor is becoming increasingly important.

6 Benefits Make Yahoo! Store as a Best Platform for Ecommerce

If you are planning to sell your merchandise online, there are many e-commerce platforms on the Internet. However, you just cannot start selling your products randomly. You need to analyze pros and cons of every available platform before settling on one. Yahoo! Store platform for eCommerce is one of the most powerful platforms when it comes to online selling. Use it and boost up your sales.

Yahoo! Store - An Ecommerce PlatformFor an e-commerce merchant, there are several selling platforms available. All these platforms offer basic features that help you to sell your merchandise. However, among these platforms, Yahoo! is one of the most popular platforms. So if you are thinking to start your own store, do consider following benefits of having a store on Yahoo!

Benefits of Yahoo!:

Highly Popular: Yahoo! platform is one of the most popular platforms on the Internet. Whenever anybody wants to buy something online, they tend to visit Yahoo! first. So if you have a store on Yahoo! platform, your chances of success increases multiple times.

Easy Search: The searching feature is a backbone of any e-commerce store. Yahoo! understands this very well and has designed a wonderful search engine that lets the customers find the exact product they are looking for. This attracts more and more customers to Yahoo! Store.

Search Engine Optimization: Yahoo! offers you an option to optimize your store by offering you the facility to add meta tags like titles, descriptions and keywords for your products. It also allows you to optimize your images, URLs and reviews of your customers. This facility makes sure that your products on the Yahoo! Store get proper exposure in the proper market.

Easy Checkout Process: The checkout process at Yahoo! Store is a child’s play. Checkout at Yahoo! is typically a short and quick process. And of course customers love this style of checkout.

Payment Process: Yahoo! platform supports various types of payment methods, including cash on delivery, checks, credit cards and debit cards. If you want, you can also integrate other kinds of payment methods into your payment gateway too.

Security: All the processes at Yahoo! platform are highly safe and secure. Yahoo! implements a variety of steps to protect any and all information of its merchants and customers.

If you are planning to create a Yahoo! Store for your business, it’s always better to hire an expert who knows what he/she is doing. And if you are on the lookout of such expert, do consider contacting Ydeveloper. 

Ydeveloper is a mid-sized e-commerce company, which is popular for offering tailor-made advanced solutions and applications that make any business a thriving venture.

4 Tips to Optimize your Ecommerce Website for Tablets

About 25% of Americans shop using tablet computers. The tablet is a highly popular device for online shopping. Even Smartphone were not quite as popular when they were in a comparable phase. Every ecommerce business owner will obviously want to cash in on the opportunity to serve this segment. Google is going to extend their Google Shopping in Mobile and Tablets, this is an added advantage of optimizing an ecommerce site for tablets.

The need of the hour is to build ecommerce website that performs just as well – or better – as it does on a laptop or desktop. The form, structure, design, and content on the original site should not only be accommodated in the tablet version but also work just as well – or even better.

So how do you optimize the tablet version of your site for best results?

Here are a few pointers:

Responsive Design for Tablet
Responsive Web Design: 
New tech enables developers to build websites that adapt to the screen that the user is using. So whether they visit your site on their Smartphone, tablet, or desktop, all components and content on your site are available with minor and aesthetically adapted changes to the regular site. The overall layout features, and graphics on the site are almost exactly the same as in the regular version, with some of the content made available on an on-demand basis. 

Finger and Stylus Friendly Navigation:  
Tablet owners are already accustomed to using their finger or a stylus to navigate. The navigation in your site should also support content sliders for easy access to your product pages. It should not depend on hovering because current tablets do not support the hovering feature. Navigation can be consolidated in a single icon, such as the increasingly popular three horizontal lines.
Image Optimization for Tablet
Images – Beauty with Brains: 
Images used on regular websites are not always optimized for aesthetic or even functional purposes. With new tech such as retina display, or the vastly improved screens on tablets, that kind of laxity will just not do. Images in the tablet version of your store or site should display well and load fast. The photographs of products should be of the best possible quality and still load fast. Some of your fast-loading images can be built using CSS. Load time can also be reduced by cutting down on the number of HTTP calls the site must make to load a page.

iPad and Tablet Friendly Technology: 
As technology evolves, better ways of displaying websites and new ways of enriching them are emerging fast. It would help to keep tabs on all such developments. Scoring points in this respect will be important for businesses that face intense competition.

Build a great tablet experience for your visitors and customers and attract much more traffic and custom off your website’s tablet version. If you’d like to know more, watch this space or get in touch with us.

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Happy selling and Have a great day!

Why Inventory is most powerful Back-end Ecommerce Tool?

Internet made e-commerce possible. Both business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships can now be successfully managed. E-commerce giants such as eBay and Amazon have made their fortune over the last decade or so.
Inventory and Order Management for Ecommerce
Online shopping is a very significant internet activity in the US. That means there is a frenetic pace to the internet traffic and shopping transactions. Orders can be rapidly fulfilled only if inventory records are thorough, accurate, and up to date. To support such heavy online activity, an efficient back-end inventory system is a must. There are two popular programming technologies, Asp.Net and PHP – an inventory management software uses for. Inventory Control Software built with these technologies ensure more customization than built with others.

With this background, inventory management systems should be web-enabled and integrated to work seamlessly. Information such as SKUs, prices, product descriptions, and so on is a critical part of inventory systems. In addition, other product details, images, location by warehouse, thumbnails, etc. are also important. Adequate meta-tag information needs to be added to such software.
The best inventory systems also offer order fulfillment system and automatic updates capabilities. The inventory system needs to reflect a true account of the actual stock available at any given point in time. 

Other important attributes that inventory solutions include are, 
  • Order trigger reports generated when preset re-order levels are reached
  • Usage-trend reporting by product categories, which provide a snapshot on inventory utilization rates 
  • Support for bar-coding and RFID
  • Web-enabled feature that allows system log-ins from virtually any location that has internet access
  • Added flexibility to incorporate linking to other business systems (e.g., manufacturing systems, purchase order systems, and order fulfillment) 
  • Capability to generate inventory usage reports, order forecasts, and product return reports
The best inventory management system is one that enables businesses to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through effective, timely, and memorable service. Running an online store or business without such a system, becomes terribly complicated and negatively impacts the business.

10 Tips to skyrocket your eCommerce Business

Ecommerce Business Development Tips
There are hundreds of thousands eCommerce shops inundating the internet. Some sites skyrocket, some stagger, while most of them sink without a trail. That makes us wonder what makes an eCommerce store successful.

The must-haves that contribute to the growth of popular eCommerce sites such as eBay, Yahoo, Amazon and many others. Is it sheer luck or thoughtful strategy?

Our search has helped us arrive at ten essential factors that significantly contribute to the success of an eCommerce business.

These factors are:    
  1. Sell only those products that fetch higher margins
  2. Sell products that grab eyeballs
  3. Learn online marketing with special focus on search engine marketing
  4. Attract advertisements
  5. Hire an experienced web developer
  6. Keep adding more and more products to your store
  7. Write good descriptions and upload better pictures
  8. Ask customers for product reviews
  9. Bank heavily on SEO
  10. Spend money only if you are assured of returns 
These factors may seem naive to some, but we tell you it has the potential to propel your business profits. Still wondering? Then stop wondering and apply the above mentioned strategies. Rest assured, it would work for you.

Ecommerce Web Development Process begins with Planning

The ecommerce web development process does not always follow specific steps and stiff, as each project has its own peculiarities and we must acclimatize to them consequently.
Ecommerce Web Development Process
Ecommerce Website Development Process
Here we aren't covering the type of shopping carts, no. of payment gateways, and use of shipping methods, you may go for. This is actually a back-end database driven process that runs after integrating these system to front-end, a design made by html, css etc.

Despite making the things easier, we can say that there are some steps already defined. In general, it can be useful if you keep on building any website.

Let's see them in details:

To begin you must decide what target audience the website is looking for. This is vital, because the designs and contents depend on this. You may have some questions that we can answer before starts planning, There are…Is ecommerce website targeted for children or adults? Do you access the public Internet from work, from school or from home? How fast is your Internet connection? Do they want to be informed or entertained? Be sure to answer these questions from the start for your website.

Website Architecture:
The website should be well structured, both for the benefit of visitors and for easy maintenance. Plan the website on a slat or schematic, flow diagram type. In this step, you are going to make a map of the site and the ecommerce development agenda.

Do not forget that you should plan website to make a change so that it doesn’t look so simple since most of the websites are constantly changing and well planned website simplifies this process.

Graphic Design:
In this step with the information already collected in the previous steps you design the look of the website, it is important not to confuse the graphic design for web sites that used to print and other areas because of technical limitations (and opportunities) web pages are foreign to most designers trained in other media. The file size requirements, limitations of color and screen resolutions are very different from those that are printed. This is front-end areas and will be designed nicely to encourage more visitors.

Website Programming:
In this way the project has been well defined and the ecommerce graphic design process already completed. Now the application program and the database to join it with the design of the interface as defined previously. This is something like back-end programs that manages your website behind the screen.

Quality control:
All web design professional should have this step in the process, is very important to test the website application exclusively designed to make sure that no errors. The website should be passed through all the web testing process.

Hosting and maintenance:
This step often depends on the type of project, but for a complete project you choose a good hosting provider that includes the ultimate in speed and stability, e.g. Unix / FreeBSD, PHP, Apache, and MySQL. 
Every website needs constant maintenance. Do not make the mistake of assuming that once you are online, everything is already done. If you want people to return to your site, you must add new material to your website, email to respond, and maybe links to update usage statistics that follow. For a small site, this can take a while as little as two or three hours a month.

Maintaining a large site can be a full time job, so you have to consider the cost of constant maintenance within your budget. Working with the same people ensures consistency, a new company or person not have the same working knowledge of your website, so keep satisfying your returning visitors.

I hope this will be useful; we are also consulting on Yahoo Store design and development with a user centric approach mainly focusing usability and information architecture.

Ecommerce in 2013: Selling More with New Tech and Device

Don't look back in 2012 for ecommerce, it is set to grow exponentially in 2013, what with the advent of mobile devices that make online shopping instant, fun, and too easy. Your regular site is also all set to reap the benefits of the new technology that helps you sell more from your e-commerce store.

What technology can ecommerce business owners turn into the best shopping experience for their customers?

Here are few technologies you should invest in for achieving your objectives in 2013:

Advanced Search: The technology that makes available millions of search results at the click of a button was already available. Now you need technology that presents a comprehensive list of product names as well as related products right there in the drop down suggestions from the search box. Your search box can offer thumbnail images, categories, product details, and pricing in the description for each result. Help your customer shop easily with advanced search capabilities.

Field Validation in the Checkout Form: Imagine a customer’s frustration when he/she must fill out all the fields in the checkout form all over again because one of the fields could not be validated. Validation capabilities integrated into the form itself will simply alert the user to fields that could not be validated. The user can just fill in appropriate information and proceed through checkout. No need to fill in the details all over again, no matter how few fields are used.

Real-time Inventory: Customers are also frustrated when they reach the product page and find that the color, model, or size of the product they want is not available. To prevent such a situation, the products pages themselves can carry information on the exact items available in the store. You can even provide an idea about when the out-of-stock products will be available.

Product Videos: There are plenty of ecommerce features to communicate the look and feel of your products to your customer. Product zoom and animation are some of the other such features. But they are no match for short videos on the product page that can be re-sized to fit the screen. Short videos will load fast and convey an accurate idea of the product to the shopper.

As the year progresses, we are likely to see a plethora of new features introduced for e-commerce stores. It is important to keep tabs on new features offered by ecommerce development services providers. Keep your eyes peeled and your e-commerce store updated with the latest and best features for your customers. It will prove to be a worthy investment. 

Watch space for more in-store features....

Multi-Store Ecommerce Platform: An Advanced Solution for Webstores Management

Managing multiple storefronts (including Yahoo store, Amazon store, eBay storefront, and ASP.Net or PHP ecommerce stores) is a tough task. It is made simple by a multi-store ecommerce platform that enables the business owner or his admin to manage all the stores from a single dashboard.

Of course, it is not easy to build a multi-store ecommerce platform. It is a highly advanced system and requires great investment in terms of both time and quality development inputs to ensure that it functions exactly as required.
e-Smart Ecommerce Suite

e-Smart eCommerce Suite from Ydeveloper is an example of a brilliant multi-store ecommerce platform that enables you to manage all your different stores using just a single database and a single dashboard. The dashboard makes it easy as a breeze to manage your stores. There is a high degree of flexibility in inter-store management that can be effected right from the single-panel dashboard.

Specific Instances when a Best Multi Store Ecommerce Platform is Most Useful:

If you have customers based in different countries but your product line is the same, you have the capability to manage a product in all of your stores. If you make changes to the pricing of the product from the admin panel, that change is reflected in all the other stores. Every store can offer product details in the language of the country it caters to.

  • You can set up multiple stores that share the same or a set of inventory items, even if those other stores are on the same platform or on different supported platforms. Just add a new store with a single click on the ‘Add Store’ button in the panel.
  • You can assign the ecommerce storefront or platform that each store uses. You can also configure a level of inventory or set one from the other stores.
  • Each store you build can have a separate domain name. Your stores can have either overlapping sets of keywords with a common thread running through or entirely diverse sets of keywords for each store. Hence, a multi-store ecommerce platform brings some great advantages from the perspective of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Your multiple stores will also enable you to create and manage pages, accounts, and inclusions on multiple social networking sites. Your blogs, YouTube content, and other marketing messages can be far better distributed and manageable. Reaching customers will also therefore be less of a challenge with a suitable multi-store ecommerce platform.
What’s more, these are only some of the very many advantages of sourcing a multi-store ecommerce platform from highly capable vendors such as Ydeveloper. The multi-store management software takes the drudgery out of your daily tasks and helps you manage your ecommerce stores in the exact ways you want to. With SEO advantages flowing automatically from such a setup, multi-store ecommerce is on its way to becoming the next big thing.

Multi Store Ecommerce: Some Apparent Benefits

What comes to the mind when you think of benefits for the store owner who opts for multi store ecommerce? Also, why opt for multiple ecommerce stores, in the first place?

Each store is a site in itself, though all are unified at the backend. These are great for the links they generate for each other and collectively. Mere links are no longer important, but one can guess that good links at the right places do matter, if only for the advertising.

Beyond the apparent benefits of employing a single backend for multiple e-commerce stores, a store owner must also have a provider that is sensitive to all and any of the online multi shop requirements, in terms of design and development issues that might sometimes surface. Good after-sales service providers can ensure that your multistore ecommerce site is not only effectively set up but also continues running smoothly thereafter. Some service providers who develop and maintain your ecommerce multi store will also help out with the optimization.

Promoting all your stores is plenty of hard work. Service providers with offshore development center maintain staff to optimize your ecommerce stores. Store owners find it pretty convenient to shift a product to another store when it is no longer available in the former. This also keeps each storefront fresh, with an ever-present scope to keep it that way. A single-panel admin software makes this and such processes a cinch. The more online stores you maintain, the greater chance you stand for maintaining or enhancing your multiple stores names or  the names of your products on search engines. 
It is highly tempting to have all stores¹ pages look more or less similar. But don¹t forget to make space for differentiation. Begin the listing process with a tab on the images and content you use on the multiple stores. If possible, use exclusive content and images for each store, so as to have the added benefit of optimization. 

Your multi-store is your baby, your concept, and your future. Take good care of it.

Yahoo Store Web Development for Better Ecommerce Business

Successful identification of just the most perfect Yahoo store development service provider is critically important. It is easy to get a hold on a developer your store can do without.

Benefits that accrue off a Yahoo Store are very popular with midsize and small businesses. Yahoo store is a powerful channel for ecommerce business, and Yahoo store development is the instrument that enables you to carve just such a channel.

A Yahoo store integrates tons of functionality and makes your ecommerce presence come alive. It even enables taking your business to the next levels in systematic and easy steps. Your Yahoo store is a perfect channel to make the most of the online opportunity for business. 

To realize the business targets you have set for yourself, it is important to devise innovative ways to achieve it. Providing value is more important than everything else, in the final analysis. In the case of a Yahoo store, development services can be used to ensure you have all the right tools to help you on your way to business success. 

Yahoo store web development provides all the functionality that a store owner may require to be able to take his business to the higher levels. Yahoo store design helps business owners reach a wider target audience through which a proactive relationship with the prospective and existing customers may be established. That, in turn, will suitably guide all business policies and processes.

Yahoo store design is considered a perfect gateway for a wide majority of virtual stores. Your store can achieve greater visibility and better sales with Yahoo store development. Customization provides the opportunity to build a store to your customers' liking. Such development also provides for the Yahoo store owner all the tools required to attract prospective customers. Several Yahoo Store developers offer a customized Yahoo Store development service to deliver the best results for all the businesses that rely on their Yahoo store for business development. 

If you are on the lookout for a Yahoo store developer, you need to first search for a reliable source through which you could hire the developers. Such a source can be a firm that offers Yahoo store development services and solutions. The web development professionals at such an organization are seasoned developers who are fully aware of the kind of features your Yahoo store will require. It pays to secure the services of such a professional setup since they have all the resources necessary to do full justice to your Yahoo store. Yahoo store developers with good experience and high credentials can identify the appropriate technical intricacies that need to be focused on. Such meticulous attention to your Yahoo store ensures smooth functioning of the website.

Successful identification of just the most perfect Yahoo store development service provider is critically important. It is easy to get a hold on a developer your store can do without. Look for a strong portfolio and do your own cross-checking before you settle for a Yahoo store development pro. 

When your Yahoo store is developed by just the right kind of a provider, it has every chance of making it big in the humongous world of ecommerce. It pays to invest time in researching for just the right kind of a Yahoo store development services provider.