Top 10 Blog Posts on Ecommerce in 2011

I remembered those days when I have published first blog post [Ecommerce - Most Cost effective and efficient Small Business Solutions] in the middle of January and since then, I have never looked back to find out news and information about Ecommerce and the use of various ways of Search Engine Optimization for promotion.
Thanks to all the readers of this blog who have participated in the one or another way to this blog.

Today, I want to share with you some of the best blog posts on Ecommerce and SEO of the year 2011,

  1. 20 ways to get reviews from customers
  2. 5 Holiday Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales
  3. PHP Ecommerce Shopping Cart Features
  4. Five tricks our minds play on us and what marketers need to know
  5. Customizing eCommerce Store with Shopping Cart & Checkout Features
  6. How To Use Cross-selling And Upselling To Maximize Online Sales
  7. Technological Impact Overturns Ecommerce Marketing Concepts
From this blog:
  1. Ecommerce Shopping Cart is a Heart of an Online Store
  2. Selling Products Online via E-commerce Store
  3. Increase traffic to your store with Google Product Search
Let’s have celebration for 2012 in advance...!

Increase traffic to your store with Google Product Search

Online retailers, merchants, sellers, ecommerce store owners - attention please!
Do you have thousands of products in your stores? Are you worrying astir to sell them across the web? I am sure; many of you have been disappointed through poor online marketing and SEO activities, and even if they have been worked, it assists you to just getting traffic for limited products only. Numerous products are still impending in your stores, which have no visits at all.  So, what will be the solution? How to get traffic and sales for those products will be the main concerns for the sellers.
Yes, you come to the right place, and time. The solution is Google product search engine, which helps shoppers find and buy products across the web. As a seller, you can submit your products to Google Product Search, allowing shoppers to quickly and easily find your site.
Ok, where do you find Google product search? Just navigate through ( For an instance, search “alain mikli eyewear” without quotes. Let’s find this, “shopping results for alain mikli eyewear” on Google SERP page.This could be something like,
Please note that the “shopping results” may only display the products on, depending on your items' relevance.
It will be easier to understand if you navigate though one of the products under the shopping results. Let’s go for the first one. Now, you are on the “shopping results” page. This page will display all the products similar to the query.
Now, click on one of these products, which will take you to the - “Google Product Search” page. You can compare product prices; find all online stores selling the same products, list of other related products and some more details of this product. You can even filter, which store is offering a free shipping.
Let’s quickly go through the benefits of submitting products:
  • Inclusion of your products is completely free.
  • It helps shoppers find and buy products across the web.
  • It connects your products to the shoppers.
  • Helping you drive traffic and sales.
  • Depending on relevancy your product may appear on
How to submit products to Google Shopping:
Google currently offers two main options to submit your products information.
Data feed: Create an XML or a single tab-delimited text data feed, which contains all the product information, which are mandatory and recommended by the Google. You can send them through Google Merchant Centre account, or by using FTP.
API: Learn more about using the Content API for shopping here.

Selling Products Online via E-commerce Store

Hundreds of the way on hand for selling the products or services online and two modes you can go for - build a custom ecommerce website that entirely managed by you or use the capabilities of storefronts, such as eBay Store and Amazon web store with least efforts, make sure some of the stuff that you may not customize.
Today, three ways you can sell your products online – Through,
  1. Third-party retail e-commerce sites
  2. Integration of Shopping cart software to your existing ecommerce site
  3. Creating and managing fully integrated online ecommerce store
Let us start with first –
1. Third-party retail e-commerce sites:
The best advantage you can get is that you do not have to build and maintain your own ecommerce store - the eBay store design and Amazon web store are the examples of these. Moreover, you have an access of intended shoppers who already search for the products on such stores - eBay or Amazon.
2. Integration of Shopping cart software to your existing ecommerce site:
Do not fret if you are not friendly with programming and all that. This alternative is best for the existing ecommerce storeowner who runs a store with simple product's lines. External shopping cart software can benefit them by simply adding it although buy buttons. Shopify is a leader in this option. The major advantage is that it easily merges with your existing ecommerce website and simplifies the technology with the ease of enabling you to place a storefront within the current framework of your website.
3. Creating and managing fully integrated online ecommerce store:
There are two leaders in this option, Yahoo! Small Business Solutions and Network Solutions - where you can build and maintain a fully integrated ecommerce store. You can customize it according to your needs later this established platforms.
No matter which alternative you opt for, ensure that one of these Triple eCommerce turns driving efficient traffic to your store and delivering people a shopping experience that comes across the anticipations set by your marketing. Make sure you have a blueprint, budget and a plan for obtaining new visitors and for serving them when they face issues or have some queries.

Little Story will advise you to create an Ecommerce Site

Before we start, let's share me a little story of my friend with you. The story is something about the creation of an ecommerce website, which will motivate you. His mother was outstanding in textile handcrafting. In a small town where they were living, all the handcrafted textiles were very popular and sold easily. However, my friend was not happy with this limited sales opportunity. He was thinking; why we could not nationalize our craft business throughout the internet? His thought was an excellent, and somebody advised him to enter the ecommerce business by creating an ecommerce website that eases him to create more sales opportunities and marketplace. He went through the solution was the computer, the internet and ecommerce, but he was not much familiar with all these technologies.
Textile Handicraft
After all, he met an ecommerce web developer, who shared some useful steps to create an ecommerce website as follows to him…
The internet and Ecommerce are the perfect solutions to sell the goods and services of any kind. We all know this, and it requires having an ecommerce site that visibly stores all these products with the ease of good design, quality products and the essential SEO factors.
People expect something different from each class of online business...
  • People prefer to buy the textile handcrafting materials once they feel and touch it, so when it goes online, make sure about the quality of images that displays these kinds of products.
  • Branded products, e.g. Raymond's suits that people orders without feeling.
  • Licensed Software – it requires having the best after-sale customer support.
  • Banking products and services – the site rendering these products and services should provide high level of security of the data collected from the potential customers.
As an Entrepreneur…
It is not required to have computer skills but a little knowledge in web designing, SEO ease you to negotiate with the webmaster. If you already have some ideas about placement and promotion regarding the products, it should get several estimates and accept that which is closest to what you really want to sell and in what quantities.
E-commerce Website Design
Quote for an e-commerce website…
When you quote for ecommerce website designing, it is also essential to know the resources of the company that will design your ecommerce site and put it online. Indeed, the variety is required. On the net, you can end up with many ecommerce sites that are curiously similar in design.
Offer piece of mind…
One-step is to prefer the name of its domain and its extension. A short name is certainly much more catchy and memorable. We must also think about the future consumers and offer them peace of mind with respect to the payments mode, procedures and resources.
Offer more security…
Like any merchant, an ecommerce site is subject to the particular terms and conditions e.g. price, mode of delivery, return. They are clear and precise so the customers have been confident when buying something from your store. One can easily contact the ecommerce site representative via email or phone. The images that go along with the products must be professional. The product description should not delude the consumer to create a mistake. Make sure about the pricing, tax and other charges to the product at the shopping cart level.
Lastly, advertising…
In order to attract more customers, one best way is to build a blog with the site to keep informing your customers about the new products' launch, discount, coupons, etc. The next is to list your site into the top directories for better visibility of your site into the search engine. Offer and increase the newsletter subscribers to build a customer loyalty.
Therefore, creating an ecommerce site takes time, investment and particularly the frequent updates!