5 Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Revenues

eCommerce industry is expanding by leaps and bounds. There’s no two ways about it. More shoppers are turning to online sources for information before making a decision of buy offline. According to a recent MIT study, 80% of store shoppers checked prices online and one-third accessed the price information through their mobile devices while they were browsing in the physical stores.
How to Increase eCommerce Sales

Many shoppers visit brick-and-mortar store when they want to see their online choices in the flesh before buying it.
You can use the following tips to leverage this evolving trend and boost the sales.

  • Merge online and offline shopping: Looking at the evolving trend of using online data while shopping in physical stores, the merging of online and offline shopping experience becomes a necessity. The omni-channel shopping structure will let the eCommerce merchants have an edge over their competitors. Let your customers order clothes online and pick it up in the store, or vice versa when something isn’t available in the store can be bought online and shipped to the customers’ home.
  • Offer the right product to the right customer: How will you feel if you visit your most frequented store and get treated like a new customer? Baffled, right? So don’t make your customers feel the same way. Instead, have a look at the customer’s past shopping history and direct them toward the page/section that interests them the most. This will be specifically helpful for those shoppers who want to browse less and find more.
  • Leverage data: If you wish to stop your customers from going to the competitors, you can do so by using location-based technology that will tell you where your shopper is. Once you get this information, you can send attractive offers to them before they finalize the purchase at your competitor’s store.
  • Use mobile: According to the Custora High-Growth eCommerce Index, 40% of online shopping during Black Friday 2013 was done through mobile devices. So make your designs optimal that can be rendered on any device, including tablet and smartphones. Create apps that encourage sharing of product information.
  • Customization: Personalization is the key to happy customers, especially for high-end customers or big-ticket sales. So guide your customers to the exact location of their interest when they visit your online/offline store. Also, you can let your consumers modify the product you are offering according to their wish – provided you have the capabilities to execute the modifications asked for. For example, if you are selling Tees, let the customer order the color of their choice or let them add designs of their choice.
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