Why eCommerce on Cloud is good during holiday season?

With holiday season around the corner, these are critical times for e-Commerce companies. It’s time to get their acts together with email campaigns, new landing pages, merchandising strategies, inventory planning and so on. Since huge traffic spikes are anticipated, the technical teams are expected to be on their toes 24x7. They have to support the rapid increase in visits and database calls; ensure that new projects are launched quickly and that systems are secure, all within the stipulated budgets.

Cloud Computing for eCommerce
Cloud computing is the perfect remedy for this sudden holiday fever that tends to grip the ecommerce space. The solution enables the eCommerce companies to achieve these objectives effortlessly. It is always a better option than running the applications in an organization’s own environment.
Benefits of Cloud Computing:
  • Pay-as-you-go solution 
  • A cost-efficient model than on-premise systems 
  • Free to expand or contract your costs according to your needs
  • Shifts the risk of expansion to the cloud computing provider 
  • You pay as you go and you don’t have to buy more hardware or software for the data center
  • Other advantages include: elasticity, scaling up with cloud computing based systems 
  • Aids in storage and database services 
  • Achieve better ROI by integrating with the existing back office
The function and delivery style of Cloud computing providers can be likened to electric companies. The company may have hundreds of electric generators, but the concern of the consumer is limited to the electricity that they consume. Likewise, Cloud users pay for what they use, no additional charges or costs are involved. Just connect and get what you want, if that means instant scalability to you, for anticipated or unanticipated traffic surges.

Profitability in the eCommerce business comes from not just driving sales but also by reducing costs and improving efficiency. And cloud computing helps you to just to that. The cloud computing is one saving grace for the IT department to support their organization and marketing endeavors during high season.