Why to Hire SEO Friendly eCommerce Solution

Increasing popularity of customized ecommerce websites all over the world will undeniably increase the competition also. There are three top sources of getting traffic to e-commerce website, Direct, Referrals and Search Engine. Not optimizing your website for major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing mean to lose 70% of traffic to your website. The solution is to design a SEO Friendly eCommerce websites, which mean to have all the onsite and offsite elements of that website should be well optimized. Title, Meta, Product Details, Keyword Rich Content, Sitemap submission to Search Engine, etc., whereas offsite SEO elements or link building is to process of submitting your website to top directories, social bookmarking sites, relevant forums, articles, press release, search engine submission, etc. To create the brand value of your business, aggressively use the blogging and social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

For ecommerce solution, the difficulty is that the ecommerce website does not contain all the keyword in the details of a particular products onsite. Therefore, search engine cannot easily find your keyword and you will not get the top position for that keyword. There are certain aspects like unique title tag, navigation, sitemap etc, which will be proper and should follow all the guidelines that a Search Engine friendly website must have. It does not matter you create an ecommerce web design in asp.net, PHP or Java but it should fulfill all the requirements of the ecommerce SEO. In Custom ecommerce website, all the onsite seo elements can be set up easily but in case of the open source ecommerce platform such as Magento, Drupal, X-Cart is not as easy as customized ecommerce platforms.

A set of work can also be ended on social networks. The social media have given a numbers of prospects for website optimization and the end user can recognize forums attainable over there ensuring these possibilities smoothly. They can also be exchanged in when the time and need arise. The social scale puts forward a set of an extent for websites to flourish and their impressive control will protect that the work done on them not at any time proceeds unpaid or unrecorded. It is essential to make the ecommerce development portal a search engine friendly website for it has to be acknowledged, read well so that the inflow of business relics stable as ever.

Must Have Features for eCommerce Website Development

Many corporations have already used ecommerce development to boost their gains. Let us features it, as many ways as consumers are expecting to pay, we are willing to furnish them. Laying an e-commerce system is not a unmanageable process. You fix an organization system, so you can smoothly revise categories, and then install an order system for processing and payment.

A professionally planned ecommerce site carries out the economic and shipping knowledge easy to manage. Actually, all you have to do is point and click your way to more sales.
To help you drive the sea of rivaling ecommerce platforms and acknowledge the best solution for your business. I have composed this list of top 10 ecommerce features that must have and consumers usually looking for.
  1. SEO Friendly Layouts
  2. Features of Product Reviews
  3. Flexible Inventory, Order and Pricing Management
  4. Cross-Selling Features
  5. Hosting and Security Compliant with PCI
  6. Excellent Catalogue Management Features
  7. Support for Product Feed
  8. Complete and Integrated Shipping Management
  9. Powerful Web Analytics and Conversion Reporting
  10. Features of Gift Certificate and Wish list
Internet is only way of doing business online and eCommerce Software enables for your businesses to execute and manage all your transactions of selling goods and services through Internet. It is use by merchants when they are selling products online and while it was expensive and usually difficult to skin or configure earlier, those days are long gone. Most ecommerce software varies greatly in their depth and inclusiveness with professional features and easy management tools to be used by merchants of all sizes.

History of Electronic Commerce - Ecommerce

I am very much impressed from the historical data of the Ecommerce, which shows the growth in the retail sales incurred by ecommerce year by the year. Let me take you to the era when the business through ecommerce was beginning. At that time, only traditional way of selling any product was popular. The history of ecommerce was interesting, as most of the people do not know that the technology for the ecommerce was established around forty years ago. I am providing here a brief history about ecommerce with its concept, rapid growth and its advantages.
Earlier years, the ecommerce was popular for doing transactions electronically via technology of EDI – Electronic Data Interchange and EFT – Electronic Fund Transfer. In late 1970’s, exchanging information and doing transaction online was the only things that was possible between businesses. Therefore, EDI and EFT were the initial technologies, which executed a new way of business called ecommerce. During 1980’s, we found massive growth in the use of ATM machines, credit cards and telephone banking, which was the next step in the ecommerce development. Now, in early 90’s, the new technology was introduced in the form of ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, which was last technology for the beginning of ecommerce that we see today. After 1994, The things like DSL – a high-speed internet connection and security protocol introduced, which has made drastic improvement in the ecommerce as the online transactions was become more faster than it was before with more security. This was enough for the retailers to see and predict a massive growth in all the business that was related to the e-commerce business.

Let's see an ecommerce online store works in below illustration...

There are numbers of ecommerce websites introduced in western countries like USA and Europe. Many of them were collapsed and finally it was time when two new pioneers in current ecommerce business, Amazon Store and eBay Store have launched their websites to online community. According to the data, we have books, computers, music, office supplies and other household and consumers electronics was the first most popular categories that people was preferred for online purchasing.

According the all-statistical data available throughout the years, we can see the continuous growth in sales and retailing through ecommerce since it was started and by the end of 2010.

As the popularity of e-commerce enterprises keeps on growing, the technology will only pursue to enhance, making it even simpler to open and manage a virtual online store with or without a the presence of popular online shopping malls and chains. While e-commerce is still comparatively new-found province, it certainly puts forward plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart is a Heart of an Online Store

Are you running or planning to run an ecommerce store? Do you know the first requirement of building an online store? Let us leave all these things to us, we will describe you all the ecommerce features one by one to our upcoming post. Here we start this journey with our first and most important, which is also treated as a heart of an online store, and it is ecommerce shopping cart system. It is hard to choose a shopping cart that is right for you and help you to deliver your consumers more secured and flexible shopping cart.
Now, let us see how the custom shopping cart works for online shopping. Technically, it is a list of scripts keeps a track of each product picked by online shoppers until they complete shopping online and go for a checkout option for payment. After filling the financial details, it requests your financial network to transfer the money from your account to store's account. This whole process can be customized according to the consumers' requirements by the ecommerce developers to make them more flexible and easy to organize all the product details. Let us take an example of a physical shopping mall. You go for a shopping some products that are in your mind to the shopping mall (online store) nearest your location, first you find a basket (shopping cart system) and put some products into that basket and finally go for billing where an accountant will give you an invoice that is same as the shopping cart.

Increase customer interaction by setting up a functionality of customer registration and email alerts to ecommerce shopping cart to tell customers about latest updates on products, offers, discounts, coupons etc. by sending them a newsletter.

On the web, there are couples of open source and popular shopping carts available. Smart ecommerce web developer likes to choose a shopping cart that will be available in least cost and gives space to add more functionality. The purpose of having these kinds of ecommerce shopping carts is to provide the high levels of customer services, satisfaction and technical backup. Do not go away free ecommerce software, as it will not be supporting you for a long time as compare to the reliable shopping cart solutions.

Above explanation is enough to make you clear about how the secured shopping cart is important for your online eCommerce business to increase the traffic to your ecommerce website.

Ideas to Make this Valentine’s Day Special

The time has now become so, romantic as still we find snow falling in the countries like USA, UK etc. Valentine’s Day is so special in these countries and the consumer from these places is in the mood of celebrating this event with joy. Occasion like Christmas, Valentine’s Day will always be hot for eCommerce website developers and designers to implement the offers, discount and coupon for this day. There has been a research conducted by BIGSearch of around 8913 people and half of them are planning to celebrate this special day. Moreover, if your date is an online shopper, then you could be happy because of the following reasons,
  • shoppers plan to spend a net average of $114.25 on just their significant other or spouse, about 66% more than offline only shoppers do.
  • shoppers will also spend more than their offline-only counterparts on other family members such as children and parents, as well as friends, co-workers and pets (really!).
  • Altogether, online shoppers plan to spend a combined net average of almost $200 for Valentine’s Day, or about two-thirds more than offline-only shoppers.

Download full results of an above survey from here.

By studying an above chart, you could have more Valentine's day ideas about what to buy for your loved ones. It could be Greeting Cards, Candy, and Flowers etc. According to the survey, the flowers remain favorite in the 2 out of 4 people shopping online. Most of the off line spending is on jewelry so; people are choosing to buy other Valentine’s gifts from online shopping sites.

So, what you have selected for your Valentine ;-)

Why eCommerce Business is Better than a Traditional Form of Business

Electronic commerce is also famous as Ecommerce. To entitle the 21st century as an E-commerce planet, which is not wrong because, in this century the majority of the businesses are turned as online businesses? Ecommerce is the process of the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet. Conversion of inquiries, orders, invoices, transfer of funds, etc. happens promptly over the internet. Online ecommerce business gains their popularity more and more. In this century, Internet business is going up rapidly. Want to make your product popular over the Internet; Ecommerce is the perfect way to present it to your prospective consumers. If you are still using a traditional form of business, then the time now to shift your business to be online for getting large numbers of buyers of your products or services over the Internet. This will increase your business growth and its popularity. Whether you are in Business-to-Business (B2B) or in Business to Consumer (B2C), ecommerce is the best ways to handle both types of business forms.

There is no way to build an Ecommerce Website, if you are planning to turn your current traditional business into online. So, if you want to turn your dream of developing an Ecommerce website into reality, there are two ways, use the website development platforms or framework such as ASP.net, PHP, Java, etc., or you may use open source ecommerce development technologies like Yahoo! Merchant Solution, Magento Ecommerce, osCommerce, eBay Stores, Amazon Stores, etc. PHP is also an open source platform, which is free to use. Out of all the platforms and open source environment, PHP is the most effective, low cost and efficient tool for small as well as large businesses.

ECommerce Solutions includes various types of ecommerce features like Shopping Cart Solutions, Payment Gateways Integration, and Integration of Credit Card process to customize ecommerce web applications. To cope with your ecommerce business requirements, there are various advantages of running an ecommerce websites as follow,
• The advertising and marketing cost of website or product promotion is very low
• Help to manage product and its price easily
• It helps to manage small as well as large business
• Take few minute to maintain report of each item
• Helps to save time for both business owner and customers
• You can update your customers with latest product or services using mailing facility

Ecommerce Websites Getting More Popularity in Online Community

Ecommerce is nothing but Electronic commerce or e-Business throughout the Internet. Updates have been varying from the day Internet was established. As we skull in daily life, we look the restriction of time and space all around. People just do not have moment to close by and shop anymore. For such people ecommerce is a profit.

Electronic business operations expedite firms to loop their inward and apparent data handling systems more resourcefully and amenably. This in get to lets the work to be done more clearly with suppliers and associates, and to better suit the necessities and anticipations of their clients.

An Ecommerce site essentially elevates customer’s capability to assemble information about products and their prices. Bookstores and travel departments are the two top most influenced business domains with the beginning of ecommerce. People can download books of their choice and book for passes on-line now. Why would anyone misuse time to visit these stores? From acquiring a grocery to buying home, ecommerce websites have the paved way for easy firm. Online banking amenities furnished by banks are additional best ecommerce utility to humankind.

e-Learning is further milestone. Students are not attending class in person anymore. Virtual payment of fees throughout secured ecommerce sites can inscribe a student in many alleged institutions. On a incorporated level, most of the economic transactions take place through the ease of secured ecommerce sites.