Essentials of the Best Ecommerce Software and Website

The foundation of any online store starts with the selection of e-commerce software first. This software shapes every minute of the experience of your visitors that how it navigates to the Checkout section. For this reason, it is vital to choose the best ecommerce software for your business.
Best Ecommerce Software - A comparison
There are many e-commerce software to choose from, which is both good and bad for you. The good reason to select it means that you will find what you are looking for, and bad, because it is actually the numbers of ecommerce services company available with their software, which you need to compare. Fortunately, you do not need to compare all the available software to make sure your business gets a quality site - you just need to know what the most important features to look for.

Here are some important features to look for in e-commerce software.

Easy Installation of Items:
It starts with the shopping cart, the range of custom shopping carts and solutions are available on the web to virtually build your ecommerce website should include a simple payment options and other features such as image resizing, and viewing one item into multiple categories, which makes easy to setup an entire ecommerce store. Another interesting feature that some e-commerce software offers is the ability to import lists of your existing store in the new program. For example, Network Solutions offers software online shop that allows users to choose how they prefer to upload their shopping lists - from an existing store, or from an Excel spreadsheet.

Customizing capabilities:
To look the store uniquely yours, you should primarily focus on the area open for customization. The more customization means to have more choice to make the store exactly what you are looking for. After examining several software, one of the best we found is e-Smart eCommerce Suite as it offers the different modules and packages to choose according to your customizing need and budget, even it provides a complete customization, which allows you to design fully customized skins suite to your business style and store.

Managing Inventory and Order:
To handle payments, when the order has been placed by a customer – it should be recorded on the safe and secure place to further it uses for promotional mailing list or other order related inquiries. Storing and calculating all the information requires software or an application to manage all information accurately and within a standard format to export in excel for reporting and analyzing. Managing large no. of clients, one should opt for ecommerce software that offers variety of options such as storing credit card information and other details of customers no matter how many customers are. Further you make sure about the software to protect customers’ payment and other information if in case the site is hacked.

Shipping Calculator:
Good ecommerce software has the ability to not only calculate manage payments and taxes, but also the correct delivery and handling of the order. Ideally, you should be able to choose it from several ways to determine shipping. In addition, you may want to be able to offer customers the opportunity to choose between several different shipping options such as USPS, USPS Priority and UPS Ground.

Compatible Payment Gateway:
It is important for any successful online store today to have a way to accept credit cards on their own, but since the alternative payment options such as PayPal and Google Checkout are increasingly become popular, it is also important to offer these choices to your customers. PayPal and Google Checkout can guide you through setting up these options manually on your website, but the process is time consuming. Best Ecommerce Software should allow you to integrate these payment options quickly and easily. 

For example, e-Smart Ecommerce Suite, the e-commerce software supports more than a dozen different payment gateways to add and customize.

It’s not about the ecommerce platform; it’s all about Ecommerce Software. Ultimately, it depends on the business and kind of products that the retailers is planning to get customers for. Within that specific criterion, they can decide, what will be best choice for them, an Ecommerce Platform e.g. Magento OR a Custom Ecommerce Software e.g. e-Smart eCommerce Suite?

e-Smart eCommerce Suite
Further we need your response to the above. Your input can help online retailers to minimize the time spending behind the selection of best Ecommerce Software and for us to enhance the capabilities of e-Smart eCommerce Suite!