Five Tips to Rock your E-commerce Website

I want your ecommerce website to be serviced so that it rocks. To get more traffic, conversion and better ROI, I have determined five areas that need to be focused. We should not forget about the ranking factors for search engines, which depend on these five areas mostly that we are going to talk about lately in this post. A little improvement can give your website more visibility for search engine as well as human. Some factors have no impact on search engines, e.g. Google looking ecommerce websites. Only human can decide that the ecommerce site they are viewing is really looking good or not. Not now but in the future search engines might be able to do this.

No matter which platforms for ecommerce development you used in back ends,, PHP, Yahoo Stores, eBay Store, etc. the tips for ecommerce website design shared here are common for each, so consult and make sure from your ecommerce developers if they did not focus highly on these areas.

Finally, the secrets to successful ecommerce are going to be revealed here. It defines that your e-commerce website should be…
  • Good looking
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to accessible
  • Easy to use
Good looking:
As discussed, this factor has the higher impact on Human and almost no impact to the search engine. Good-looking ecommerce website means to have a clear background, especially in white, nice font that encourages you to read further, clear image with perfect placement, icons for social media, payment gateways, security, awards, etc. should be eye-catching.
Easy to understand:
It is specific to the content that is easily understood by human and follows the search engine guidelines as the density and proximity of keywords used in content should be proper. It is a human tendency that they like to read less and within that timeline, it should be converted into the goals. Other things like, it should be easy to understand by all ages, whether your audiences are teenagers, younger’s or senior citizens.
Easy to navigate:
Navigation is a factor that has the huge impact to both Human and Search Engine. First, it should be placed exactly on the area that human usually go for when visiting to a particular website. For ecommerce website, find out all the possible filter attributes that relate to the products of the ecommerce stores. E.g. if your store sells branded male and female clothes, then you can offer the navigation or categorized using the filter like brand, gender, color, size, etc. Shoppers come to your site with specific product criteria, and navigation will provide them the way to reach easily to that specific location in your ecommerce store.
Easy to accessible:
Accessibility of the ecommerce website means the time it takes to open any page of your ecommerce site over the browser and the internet. Yes, it depends on the internet connection speed but on an average, it will be accessible within seven seconds. No matter if, you own large numbers of products in your store, heavy images, more codes as compare to the text, all should be optimized first to increase the speed of your ecommerce site.
Easy to use:
Make sure all above areas certainly help you to make your website easy to use for potential your potential visitors. In addition, you can focus on the end user goals or the call to action items of your ecommerce website like Add to cart button, highlight special offerings using attractive banners, display phone number for customer support, contact us details, etc.
So, now why are you waiting for? Hurry up and hire for your ecommerce website makeover!

3-Things you must need to know about SEO for Ecommerce

It's 21st century, and we all know why the search engines have become essentials to our day-to-day life. Those who are connected with the internet, once in a day access the Google or other search engines to search something. They may search best resources of learning, shopping, working, travelling and much more. If someone goes for searching best resources for online shopping, they find 10 best ecommerce websites on search engines. Now, the three things that you must need to know about SEO for Ecommerce start from here, first they notice a title of website showing on SERP if it contains exactly what they are looking for or not, which is an important factor for search engine too to rank high.
The next two things are related to off page search engine optimization process, building quality inbound links and optimizing your site getting it visible in major social networks. Everything that we are here talking about is for the small-business owners or retailers who want to see their ecommerce store on first page of the Google or other search engines.
I am sure that now you are exciting to know more about three things in details that are the part of SEO Friendly Ecommerce, so let’s start… 
Website Title Optimization: A part of on page SEO process...
If you already set up a breadcrumb to your ecommerce site, then it will be easy for you to define the title of each page of your ecommerce website, whether it is a landing page, category page, product page or any other promotional page. In the category page, you should contain your business brand name within title and for product page; you must contain the brand name of the product you are selling. e.g.
Category page title should be,
Sunglasses | Designer Sunglasses | Your Brand Name
Product page title should be,
Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Designer Ray-ban Sunglasses | Your Brand Name
Link building: A part of off page SEO process...
Quality Inbound links are the second essential factors for ranking in search engines. Many ways that you can use to request a link to your site. Go for a natural way. E.g. if you are an online retailer of sunglasses, you can find out the blog perusing information of sunglasses and commenting on their interesting blog post with your website link. This is called blog commenting. Other ways are directory submission, write an article with unique and interesting content and submit them to major article directories.
To know more, click on Search Engine Optimization to see what we offer in link building services for ecommerce website. 
Social Media Optimization: Building Social Network and Sharing to Social Bookmarking...
Social Media Optimization process is all about building friend, fans and followers of your online business using Facebook page and Twitter. Share all the updates of what you are selling, your promotional offering, free shipping, etc. to your Facebook and twitter. Additionally, you can share to major social news and bookmarking sites. E.g. Delicious, Digg etc.

Live Chat Integration - Part of Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Those who usually go for shopping online and find a live chat support will never miss a chance to chat with the live chat support executive [not for passing time:)] about to get more information of products or services they expect to buy, to get a solution for an issue they faced, etc. These are the typical examples, and it will have a huge impact to your customer services if you answer and resolve their queries quickly and politely. Customers will not be able to rely in your products or services up to the time of all of their questions are solved. The quicker and more effectively you comeback a customer’s query the faster they will buy from you.

This is a powerful e-commerce website marketing tip and the online retailer has already included this as a part of their ecommerce marketing strategy. Customers who participate in live chat are four times more acceptable to transform into a sale than those who do not. Of those that transform, an average of 61% does it throughout the same visit in which they chat.

Live Chat Support Services Tips – For Ecommerce Website Marketing:
Live Chat Support Services
  • Most important, your live chat support resources should be professional and quick in answering and they know what to reply when they do not have an answer.
  • For an online store, it is better to have 24/7 live chat support and your customer service agents will be dedicated and able to work long hours even if there is a holiday.
  • Answer quickly but smartly as your customer can take it as commitment from your side.
  • You can place Live Chat icon to all of your pages or some of the popular page of your site to get attention of potential customers for more engagement.
  • An automated chat invitation, a.k.a. proactive chat is a dominant customer engagement tool that could be easily set up.
Case Study: “Let’s get Insight into this post, Case Study on Live Chat about how it helps to increase conversion to find exactly how live chat support has changed the mind of a customer and encouraged him to place an order.”

Days have gone to use expensive phone support or email support. Integration of live chat feature into your site is the present and future of customer services. It is more effective, and it imposes less constraint on the customer service agent as well as the shopper. The e-commerce world is full of rivalry and by offering customized services to your customers by way of Live Chat; you ensure that your consumer sticks with you. Sometimes, customers get bored from scrolling through your website pages and did not get what they want, while the thing is available on your site. Same time a live chat support can save their time to search and directly come to you for products/services; they are looking for and feel confident about to buy it once they chat with you.

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Definitive Guide to Shipping for Ecommerce Sites

Yes, we are now talking about Shipping Management in Ecommerce Sites. After a couple of sessions to this blog on various ecommerce features and topics such as shopping cart development, ecommerce platforms, storefronts, ecommerce marketing and SEO, why we forget about Shipping and Payment section of any online shopping store. Shipping services plays an important part for building long-term relationships with Customers. An online storeowner finds most of the queries on shipping services by customers.

This definitive guide on online shipping is especially dedicated to online retailers. In my knowledge and examinations of other sites, shipping costs and delivery time are the greatest customer grievance that online retailers receive; a recent study defends shipping to be one of the most significant things to customers. Even if the shipping is free, shoppers frequently have impure anticipations on how quickly their order will reach them. If it is not free, there are consistently complaints about the cost even when the retailer instantly passes down charges with no markup.
In my definitive guide to e commerce shipping, I have covered three main areas in relation with shipping – its presentation on site, how it could be charged and managing the shipping services….so what I recommend to have best shipping methods are as follows,
  • Do not forget Shipping Policy section
  • Must show – Shipping options, fees and time frame of delivery
  • Make sure when you offer free shipping
  • Never use United States Postal Services (USPS)
  • Stay up to date on shipping status with customers
It must be. I have noticed this on many sites. It does not matter what you stated in your shipping policy, it could be simple and make sure it is your commitments to your customers. So, You can only act according to this policy if you have provided rather it create bad impression of your business by customers. It mainly covers the things like shipping within so and so hours, refund policy etc

  • Make sure to indicate shipping options with their fees and delivery time
  • Radio buttons are the best way to represent all available shipping options
  • Make sure to use logic or tools for calculating accurate delivery time-frame
Free Shipping is extreme. It can drive sales and give a company an immense competitive edge. Free shipping is a great enough reward that many people will choose a more costly comprehensive price, over an item with expensive shipping costs. Even so, free shipping is not great when you have to cancel it. If you have an established website, canceling free shipping can precisely destroy the business. Particularly, in the case of repeat consumers, you can lose a set of business when you go back to a paid shipping form. These are even practices to limited time free shipping. 
For some category of products, the USPC can be considered. E.g. low-ticket products or those that can be compressed into a pre-paid priority box or in an envelope. If your customer has no expectation for the parcel to get there in the next week, month... etc., then it is good to hire this and this is why most of the successful online retailers use UPS or Fedex in spite of having expensive. 
Through every step of the buying to shipping to delivery process, your customer should be taken cared and informed by you in all terms of shipping order status especially on the status of their order even if your order management system is so strong. In this area, you have 100% of control and there is no reason to do so. Send an email informing them that you received the order. Email to inform them the order has been shipped. Email to inform them about that you missed the orders and it has been backed. Finally, the email to inform them it was delivered and follow-up in a few days to make sure they go to it, and these are the things that the customers wanted. 

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Share your thoughts on Shipping and its management!