Facts on choosing an Ecommerce Web Designer

Hope, you all have been enjoying stuff of this ecommerce blog. This blog specifically guide you to all aspects of Ecommerce Web Design and Development. Today, small business owners have already started talking on Multi-Store Ecommerce that means development in Ecommerce reached one-step ahead. The ecommerce web designer can build you a website that is going to be seen by individuals from all over the world. The fact that you have to keep in mind is that, the more input you furnish about your passions, the bigger the website will appear in the end.
Time to Upgrade or Update your Ecommerce WebsiteIn fact, you have the insight to build a web page and the “Ecommerce” – a platform for custom ecommerce web design and development to convert it into something unimaginably. It gets a lot of understandings in order to make a web page for ecommerce website matching to the demands of the consumer; this is why you should not be quick-witted in picking just anyone but somewhat make a comprehensive search first.

As the owner of a successful online business, you apparently know that, lacking a strong online presence, you have very few prospects of surviving successful. The benefit of a skilled ecommerce web designer can prove out to be more than worthwhile, specifically since that professional can transform your perception into reality. You desire a website that sells. You got it. Your business can be best appeared over the Internet, and the expertise of your ecommerce designers will confidently be considered by the end version of the website that ecommerce web designer himself has built. The great benefit is that you speak what you want, and they will perform it for you. It is that unpretentious.

These days, the whole world turn around the concept of Internet marketing and each online business owner is peering for a bit of the action. Some might be appeased with offering their products on a random website but for the mass, the significant thing is that they have a web site of their own, one that has been developed by an expert and well-versed ecommerce web designer. If you dive in the second group, and you have to develop a robust online presence, then do not loss any more time and contact the ecommerce web design company as soon as you hopefully can, making sure that you specify the desired project, in particular.

Having your own website means creating many prospects, not only in relationship of profitability but also in terms of sustainability, on the long run. While you might not think about the help of the ecommerce web designer to be that consequential, you ought to re-think such topics throughout and understand that, without an extreme ecommerce website designer, you will certainly not be competent to attain your full perspective over the Internet. As soon as you have gone to the Ydeveloper’s “Ecommerce” for help, you will comprehend that there is a time for a change.

Avoid Negative Customer Review for Online Ecommerce Store

If you run an ecommerce business using online ecommerce store, you may experience negative customer feedback sometimes. Unfortunately, you may not, if you have an ecommerce website developed by leading ecommerce solution provider like Ydeveloper. I am not here to promote Ydeveloper, but I want to present you some facts about the customers, like how they review online store and in what situation they normally frustrate and how they react if they did not find any platform on your ecommerce website to put their reviews.
Positive Customer ReviewsTwo resources, the customers can use to review the products, services or content of your ecommerce site; inside your website OR the outside resources like forums, blog, customer review sites, etc. for getting a satisfactory solution of their problem. To offer the best customer service will always be the first goal for any online business owners, which require some efforts to put on each element affecting customer satisfaction especially on the area of allocating all the resources of the ecommerce website efficiently. Is this simple way can help you to avoid negative reviews or comment? Yes! Let us focus on the following four areas. I am 100% sure that it will help you to avoid negative comments for your online ecommerce store,

Providing Prevalent Contact Information:
There is nothing more significant on your site than providing prevalent contact information. End users, for the most part, will consistently have queries. Difficulties regarding a product, return policy, shipping, etc. Put contact resources such as your phone number, email and live to chat option throughout each page of your ecommerce website.
Turning Customer’s Negative Experience to Positive:
The fact is that when it moves towards to a consumer who is not happy. There is often a way to find a compromise situation with that customer. Exceptionally, some customers at this point, who lost a cause and no matter what you will do, will not be happy at all. However, for the most cases, there are the shoppers who just want to place a negative experience left behind and expect from you to resolve it, which may become the best experience for customer as well if you take some action like see their negative feedback and by resolving it, you can turn them into a positive one. I am sure the customer will always remember this good experience.
Customer ServicesFast Solution of Issue Concerns with Customer:
Do not wait for a long to solve issues with consumers. The quicker you solve a problem, the better experience the consumer will have. In some cases, the retailers take long time to resolve a simple issue like the refund, which can cause a great extent of dissatisfaction for a consumer and start making out to comment on sites and blogs. Make sure you manage to these concerns as fast as possible. This will definitely avoid negative reviews.

Do not hesitate to Ask for Customer Reviews:
Do not hesitate from imploring your shoppers to leave the comment on blogs, review your websites, etc. If you have granted a good service, it is fine to request buyers to share that experience with the world. If you put all the efforts to make your customer truly happy, then there is no matter that they will be happy to spread the good experience.

Hope, you enjoyed this post, and I would appreciate, if you share your views and more other ways to avoid negative customer feedback!

Causes of Shopping Cart Abandonment and Solutions

How many stores you visited are depending on how much you are interested in online shopping? If you are regular customer of a particular ecommerce store, it can be determined that you like their shopping cart system, not because you are familiar, but it offers you the features that you are expecting. Not all people have the same interest; there are many reasons that they lose their interest in purchasing an online product or service. Such shopping cart abandonment issues minimize the ecommerce website conversions or sales. As a storeowner, you always try to eliminate such shopping cart issues to enhance the shopping experience all the way entering into the shopping cart the completion of the ecommerce checkout process.
What is Shopping Cart abandonment?For online retailers, shopping cart abandonment is a known issue, and they believe that it is a serious problem and increase the type of visitors not converting into the customers. Two marketing research firms, Andersen Consulting and Forrester Research has determined same shopping cart abandonment rate. It is 25 percent, while it seems to be as varied rates of shopping cart abandonment by the various marketing research firms but the statistics, they provide are not so convenient to the online retailers. As an online retailer, all you need to do is to comprehend the main reasons of the abandonment of an ecommerce shopping cart.

Here are the top shopping cart abandonment reasons cited according to the Forrester Research,

Causes of Shopping Cart abandonment
  • 57% – Expecting to have free shipping cost
  • 48% – Not interested because total cost of purchase is more
  • 41% – Used shopping cart for research purpose
  • 19% – Didn’t want to wait for the product
  • 18% – Prefer purchasing offline
  • 15% – Checkout process too complicated
  • 12% – Other reasons
Now, look at the solutions to reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment. Four simple ways I have determined that you can follow,
  • Be reliable and unambiguous
  • Reduce the number of steps
  • Do not compel customers
  • Do not hold back on photos of your products
I tried determining best possible causes and solutions. If you think more, you can leave a comment below.

Ecommerce Marketing using Free Social Media Tools

Running small business over the internet has become a latest trend. We all know the ecommerce site is the best to start with, but do you think that your ecommerce website will get enough audience? It’s possible with Ecommerce Marketing and there are the two ways to do it, SEO and Social Media Optimization. So, let’s talk about Social Media and how they help you expanding your ecommerce business. You may have noticed two icons in the majority of the ecommerce website, mostly. One is Facebook, and another is Twitter. These are the fantastic ways of showing your social media presence on your site to get the audience for your products or services.
Social Media ToolsIf we go for the statistics, Facebook has already reported more than 500 millions of active users, on the other hand, twitter also able to reach up to 100 millions of users. So, we assume that at least one of them is you. These are just the examples of two major social media ecommerce. This is not an end of the Social Media journey to meet the variety of people, and convince them to buy products of your ecommerce store. You can also use various other forms of contents like YouTube for Video Sharing, Flickr for Image Sharing and Linkedin to present your professional profile of your business, etc.

There are other forms available to do online marketing than Why to focus on such Social Media Networking sites to build new customer base, the answer is simple, to save time, money and efforts. For last two days, we all have been seeing the crisis of debt in USA in the newspaper headlines, and it has been directly or indirectly connected with major online business houses as well. The economy of USA will be affected by this debt crisis in the next couple of months. Thus, in this kind of situation, most businesses are going to tighten their budgets and looking for the easiest and cheapest but quality social media marketing services to strengthen their business. With less efforts and time, you can get free access of large numbers of users.

Finally, utilizing social media provides your online business a face. People are much more plausible to buy from somebody they believe they know and can rely. So build up your business using your social media. It is an ecommerce website promotion after all, so sell yourself personally as well as your business to help increases that trust that people are peering for when making a purchase online.

Now, what you can do with Facebook and Twitter to engage more visitors. You can create a Facebook page of your business with attractive profile image, business information, tag line, mission statement and link this page to your website to get more information of your online business who visits your page. Same way, you can set up twitter account with all the required information like your bio, website address, location, etc. In Bio, you can add your phone number in a small Para containing main key phrases related to your business. You can share a web page of your business using short url.

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