Magento Ecommerce - A Rising Platform for Ecommerce Website Development

There are three different ways that are used in the ECOMMERCE WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT,
  • Customized Ecommerce – Asp.Net, PHP, Java, C++ etc
  • Open Source Ecommerce – Magento, X-Cart, RoR etc
  • Standalone Storefront – Yahoo Store, eBay Store, Amazon Web store etc
Their unique and interesting features can differentiate each of above ECOMMERCE PLATFORM. We are talking here about, best OPEN SOURCE ECOMMERCE SOLUTION. I am going to explain the concept of Open Source Ecommerce briefly. Open Source is a platform, which allows you to add and edit the large numbers of products as per your needs. You do not require specific knowledge to do it. However, it has some limitation but as compare to the customized ecommerce like; it makes easy for you to manage all elements – Shopping Cart, Check out, Shipping, Inventory etc. of an ecommerce website.

What is most widely used Open Source Development platform? The answer is MAGENTO! Why MAGENTO ECOMMERCE is better than ASP.Net ecommerce? This kind of question will absolutely pop up in your mind while choosing platform for an ecommerce website.
Magento EcommerceMagento is an OPEN SOURCE ECOMMERCE SOFTWARE Application that written in PHP. CUSTOMIZED MAGENTO package is completely available in free of cost and you do not need to pay for downloading it. It offers great flexibility and user friendliness once you independently integrate third party plug-ins. It has flourishingly overwhelmed all its limits in order to make the online retailers more powerful. It has also ability to balance some of its significant features such as the support for digital products and theme based structure.

You can also find MAGENTO WEBSITE in mobile using Android OS, as it makes easy for the buyers to shop on the go. Recently, Magento has made an announcement that they enhanced their mobile application to support Google's Android OS and Apple's latest iPad.

Therefore, the MAGENTO DEVELOPMENT plays a very important role from setting up the page, products to its management. The complete online market has a benefit with the kind of competence, which it has offered to us. It has great support from all the Magento Community all over the world to MAGENTO DEVELOPERS for finding solution to any kind of problem with Magento.

Revealing Important SEO Factors for Ecommerce Website

When the evolution of Ecommerce Websites was started, there were few players in the market. There was no competition at all. It has been increased since the ecommerce industry growing year by year. Growth of the Internet and the evolution of Search Engines have inspired many small and large business owners to come into the ecommerce business. Now, the competition level rises in a way that it has become a dream for the online ecommerce storeowner to get top position in major search engines like Google.

Lack of ecommerce search engine optimization knowledge, the online retailers may lose the opportunity of getting higher sales. Even, they pay out a lot on the ecommerce website designing and PPC campaigns. They fail to increase the visitors. Throughout the research of couples of days, I can be able to figure out some organic SEO factors, which is spotlighted in this post.

In terms of its importance, all the SEO factors grouped in three different categories, High, Medium and Low. If you have a small budget for ecommerce marketing, then optimizing your ecommerce website with following scattering ecommerce SEO tips will confidently help you to boost the search engine traffic.

White Hat SEO Factors for Ecommerce Website Optimization:

High Importance:
  • Keyword in URL
  • Keyword in Domain Name
  • Keyword in Title Tag
  • Keyword in Link to Site pages [Anchor Text]
  • Keyword H1, H2 and H3 tag
  • Outgoing Link Anchor Text
  • Freshness of Pages – Newer is better
  • Site Listed in other Directories [DMOZ, BOTW etc.]
  • Links from ‘Expert’ Site
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Anchor text of inbound link to you
  • Age of Site
Medium Importance:
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Press Release Submission
  • Keyword in Description – Meta Tag
  • Keyword Font Size and Style
  • Keyword Proximity
  • Keyword Prominence
  • Keyword in Alt Tag
Low Importance:
  • Keyword in Keyword Meta Tag
  • Keyword Density in Body Text
  • Individual Keyword Density
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Top 5 Ecommerce Infographics Worldwide

Now, the Internet is everywhere! You can access an ecommerce website of your choice in any part of the world. You can also find ecommerce services to run an online shopping store as well. Countries as USA and UK are mostly outsourcing their ecommerce business from countries like India.

There are no boundaries for online shopping throughout the countries worldwide. International shipping services have opened a new ecommerce market for consumers prefer online purchasing. For an Online Shopping Store owner, it is difficult to study the behavior of consumers while they go for shopping online. They have to work hard for research on defining the ecommerce marketing strategy that helps them to beat their competitors as well as increase the visitors using the various forms of offerings like online coupons, discounts, free shipping, etc.

In the process of defining the powerful ecommerce marketing strategy for your ecommerce store, I have shared the following Top 5 Ecommerce Infographics. All have their own importance. I like to explore the world of Ecommerce.

Online Shopping Around the World - How People Spend their Money:

How People are Shopping Online:

Operation of Ecommerce:

Essential of Coupons in Online Shopping:

How do Colors affect Purchases?

What People are Buying from Online Ecommerce Stores!

Today, I find a great informational graphic showing the sales figure of various category of products and services that people are love to buy especially from an Online Ecommerce Store.

Those who are planning to open an online store, following statistics of total sales and % Ecommerce Sales of each category will help them to finalize the kind of products or services to run an ecommerce store,
Now, What do you mostly prefer to buy from an ecommerce store?

Top Ecommerce Fears and Frauds and Tips to Minimize It!

Ecommerce is now a day one of the most popular ways of selling goods and services online. It grows as the internet users are rising all over the world. At the same time, those who are running a custom ecommerce store using the platforms like, php, etc. does not think over the ecommerce features that can create more anxieties to their prospective consumers. In this case, an online store owner has to make sure about the ecommerce services they are hiring from. SEO friendly ecommerce website is another aspect that can be considered before finding the best ecommerce web solutions providers.

The purpose of stating an above discussion is to minimize the ecommerce fears from the customer side. This discussion all about security and safety of the ecommerce store users to make them clear about the ecommerce fears they have in their mind during the time when they are visiting this store. You can hire ecommerce consulting services before planning to hire Ecommerce Development Company to build an ecommerce website.

I have tried to list out here major ecommerce fears coming from consumers and the next you will find the tips to minimize these kind of anxieties.
  • Fears from credit card information being stolen
  • It’s not a ‘real’ store
  • You will sell my information
  • I can’t tell what the product is really like
  • Not being able to track the orders
  • Needing help from a sales person
  • If you don’t like it, I will be stuck with it
Look at the following tips, which help to minimize online shopping fears:
  • The URL of an ecommerce website should be starting from “https” instead of “http”.
  • Avoid clicking on the pop-ups and warning that indicate something wrong with its SSL certificate.
  • Getting rid of malware will avoid possible attempt of hackers using software to capture key stokes and screen images.
  • Manage password by storing sensitive data on management software that allows for entering information onto online forms without having to retype it each time.
  • Consider one-time credit card numbers which can give additional protection
  • Are you using computer to visit an online shop? If yes, then install an anti-virus, spy-ware software in order to protect you from hackers, virus etc.
I could be able to find out the above ecommerce fears and tips, what else that you feel to be included?