Tips to optimize an Ecommerce Site before Christmas Starts

Over 2 months to pass before Christmas holiday season starts. For online merchants, it is time to refresh or customize ecommerce site they own excitingly with the application of Christmas marketing ideas in terms of getting higher search engine visibility of their products during this specific period. If you want more sales with less time and efforts, you should pay more attention to the areas of your ecommerce website that optimized easily. Compare your sites with competitors first, see if have updated their site with any exciting offers, discounts, coupons, etc. Are there site banners looks more attractive? Are they providing free shipping to all products?
Once you dominate the kind of above promotional offers, next step is to check ranking of your ecommerce store in search engine for specific search queries. What position you deserve right now, especially for the long tail search terms that usually have low competition and higher conversion. Is that far away from first page of search engine? Do not worry; two months are enough to reach there, if you consistently follow 10 easy SEO optimization tips for Ecommerce Site that mainly includes three main areas of ecommerce website optimization, on-page, off-page through link building and social media, by which you can able to boost Christmas holiday sale and revenue.
For Ecommerce Store
  1. If you have not done it yet, do a little audit of your site for 404 errors, broken links or missing graphics, etc.
  2. You can update home page area with keyword rich anchor text for special Christmas ranges or categories.
  3. Revise the Meta descriptions with typical Christmas keywords. For example, "gift box" or "delivery guarantee" or even a matching call to action words.
  4. Add Alt Tags to Images on all pages ranked high on search engines.
  5. Short-term link building initiatives using link baits such as “Top 10 Charismas Gifts to give this Holiday Season” etc.
  6. Optimize for value-added services such as free packaging, free shipping, gift ideas or gift consultant, etc.
  7. Check & optimize your pay per click ads.
  8. Add Long tail keywords to the pages ranking higher in search engines.
  9. Make friends who own the website that is related to your niche and request them to link back to you site from their home or any other page.
  10. Write a blog post that includes Christmas, Gift, Holiday with your product’s keywords.
  11. With holiday keywords, you can promote the products with the brand into the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  12. You can also start blogging temporarily to promote your products for grabbing attention of people visit your blog in the search of shopping and gift ideas specially for Christmas holidays.

Unveils X.commerce by eBay

Recently, in San Francisco, opening Innovate 2011 Developer Conference – John Donahoe – a CEO of eBay has officially launched X.commerce, an open-source ecommerce platform. He summarized that it’s a unique platform that aggregates all the ecommerce services of all sized e-merchants. The strategies of eBay that we found recently for acquisition has now been more cleared.
The Magento, a free e-commerce platform acquired by eBay in 2010, so the combination of Magento ecommerce, and the experience of offering eBay stores design and development solutions with distributing over their own shopping store is enough to deploy a comprehensive solution called, X.commerce that has been tagged by them as,
“The future of technology-powered buying and selling” 
X.commerce is the platform that drives into the end-to-end and multi-channel commerce technology chosen by today’s modern consumers when they go for shopping online. 
For online retailers: 
X.commerce is an exclusive platform that performs the most modern commerce technologies easy to approach. X.commerce developers build a technology that is easy for the personal modification to any online retail business. In addition, the capability to measure quickly without investing in expensive, complicated configuration begins the playing field to retailers of any size, in any place, to strive for the success and win.
For ecommerce developers: 
X.commerce is a powerful, open ecosystem that enables integrators and ecommerce web developers with the most impeccable set of commerce-related tools and abilities in the world. Seeing that this ecosystem offers the path to eBay Inc.’s resources via this entry point, it also offers developers access to the large numbers of consumers and online retailers who are starving for best end-to-end commerce solutions.
X.commerce Fabric Overview:
The entire first floor consists of a platform to grow by the market place of Magento extensions and integration of all ecosystem services of eBay. The SDK will enable developers to contribute in the development of X.commerce. eBay is therefore, the challenge of breaking the borders between online and offline businesses and commenced new bridges between the web and sales areas in the concept of an innovative collaboration with the retail chain.
John Donahoe predicted more change in the next three years than in the previous 15, including the explosion of m-commerce. 
Give your views on this new open source platform, as it is more than ecommerce…

What happens in a minute on the Internet?

In the world of SEO, there are least numbers of people, who have not ever heard about Rand Fishkin. He is a founder of SEOMoz. I frequently follow SEOMoz blog to find out what is happening in the world of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Ecommerce, etc.
I am so crazy about the use of the Internet, and I cannot stop myself to share an interesting info-graphic to all the viewers of this blog.
I found this interesting infographics on my Google+ stream.
Click here for large graphical view.

Keep enjoying!

What seven things can change the presence of Ecommerce

Seven areas we have explored in the context of online retailers and customers to make e-commerce more advanced.
For retail merchants looking forward to implement a first-to-next generation e-commerce solution or change their existing systems, there are a number of up-to-date new enhancements available. Deciding which of these will drive higher return can be difficult to even the most well-versed e-commerce practitioner, and it is smart to deliberate for modernization as not only haptic product but also as a business practice.
We have examined SEVEN such new advancements, both tactual and process-driven, that are contemporary in nowadays interactive orb, in the context of online retailers, companies that design and develop an ecommerce website and last but not least the customers.
1. Retailing through multi store:
2. Individual's experience and interaction:
3. People expect to shop directly from their iPad, iPhone:
4. Effective online Customer Service:
5. Navigation tools:
  6. Video solutions:
7. Guidance to buy the products:
Keep on visiting this blog, as we are going to study each of the above areas in details and share with you later on posting this article.
Until we finish writing on the topics above, you can share your views, ideas and the other areas that have in your mind and we missed out...

Innovative Ecommerce Solution for the Next Generation

Innovative, Next Generation Technologies are the words that completely fit with today’s ecommerce websites. Ecommerce is the most familiar platform for online shopping today and in the future, it can reach up to the level that we could not believe. It is time for think about Innovative Ecommerce Solution, and online retailers have to refine their ecommerce strategies today to stay ahead in the competitive ecommerce sites of tomorrow.
Ydeveloper an ecommerce solution provider that offers next-generation ecommerce solution is apparently the optimal way to go if you are planning to commence your own online store on the web or want to customize your existing store. Overlook the software for ecommerce support and the shopping cart solutions it is all a bunch of waste as we believe and not only that they are very hard to set up from our own personal experience. Running an online business compels many of the same outstanding activities as commencing any other business.
A fundamental business plan, some products, ecommerce store and customers, you will need a retailer account or the capability to process your customers’ credit-card transactions over the Net. This comprehends requiring a secure server so that your on-line store is on a system that secures your customers’ credit card numbers that cannot effortlessly be read by persons who are not presumed to read these numbers.
You will apparently require some sort of online order form that shoppers can complete, in order to buy your products. That is where an ecommerce company provides the best ecommerce solutions that will come in hand. You need to design and promote your ecommerce store through SEO and Social Media. The key is in your hand to access the treasure of our expertise that can conventionally design and look after your website for you and it will need continuing attention and certainly some internet marketing expertise too.
Ecommerce is the selling and buying of goods over the net. It enables even the smallest business to obtain an international audience with its product or idea with least cost. So, we help our clients improve their ecommerce development solutions that works.  Our small and mid-sized clients have the same obstacles as their business scale counterparts. They need to proceed to expand and position themselves for future success.  We only work with clients who believe change is continuous, is facing one of those changes, and desire a brief help obtaining throughout.  Please let us know what kind of ease you are looking for on your ecommerce store as we can do one part or all of it.