Features that the Consumers Expect in your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce has earned favor in the past couple of years because of its accessibility and user-friendliness on the web. However, if you are considering for obtaining the best ecommerce solution, you have to be cautious about some element concerning the areas of ecommerce website design and development making your ecommerce website most user friendly.
How do Ecommerce Websites WorkToday, the small as well as large business enterprises have distinct models to select from when a retailer to talk in about to implement user-friendly e-commerce solutions. The ever-changing competition and the trends in the ecommerce business are the two main factors for sales war between B2B and B2C. The development of Ecommerce will always be thankful to increasing popularity of the Internet throughout the world. Consumer does not know what platform actually used by the e-store, they have visited to do shopping. Even, they do not have any idea of the platform, which is for user friendly ecommerce website development, they only concern about the level of user-friendliness to the website.

“The first impression is the last impression”, which is perfectly suit for any online store. When a consumer visit any store, the following items they can expect to have, which can help the store owner to increase the level of user friendliness,
  • Banner – highlighting most selling product, popular product, special offers, etc.
  • Special offers – in the form of discounts, coupons, etc.
  • Shopping cart should be more flexible
  • Facebook and Twitter – to interact with store owner
  • Navigation – help to easily find the product you are looking for
  • Highlighting all the necessary product features
  • Top Sellers on the landing page
  • Preview of Brand names
  • Trusted Certification for security – SSL, BBB accredited business
  • Loading speed of the landing and other pages
  • Subscriptions – email, newsletter, RSS feed of blog, etc.
  • Secured payment gateways
The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page:
There are many ecommerce development companies providing customized e commerce solutions as above to fit into the exact requirements of their clients. YDeveloper is one of them, as they believe in research before designing and developing any ecommerce website. They specially focused on the areas of the ecommerce web that most consumers are in search of whiles shopping. As a result, you as a store owner will enjoy the more conversion and sales.

How Social Shopping Sites Can Boost your Ecommerce Website Sales

Let’s see what is the social shopping site and how they can help an ecommerce website owner or any online business retailer to boost their sales. Social shopping provides a way for buyers and sellers to interact in a more obvious manner. Newer interpretations of social shopping sites depend on recommendations of friends to boost sales. The concept of today’s social shopping is not the new; it has become advanced now. The rise in the internet and smart phone users have performed the key role gathering the community of people who typically have been interested in making friends and fans for the social purpose.

Sometimes, it is hard to promote each product of the ecommerce websites that comprise the large number of products. In this case, the standard ecommerce seo and link building tactics are not worked. Social Media's tools like Facebook and Twitter are other ways to share the product instantly to the Facebook page and Twitter profile of your business. Did you get the benefit from these yet? I am sure your response will be NO because people mostly desire to be a fan of the popular brands like Coca Cola, McDonalds', etc. They like to discuss more about this product, but what if you own a store, have a collection of sunglasses, and expecting the large numbers of people to come and visit your ecommerce online store.

When visitors reach to any Social Shopping site, they are inspired to:
  • Find extreme deals from sellers you can trust;
  • Share what your friends are purchasing and selling;
  • Share deals you find with friends and reserve more.
Advantages of Social Shopping:

Advantages to Online Retail Merchants:

Social shopping provides benefits to retail merchants in that these websites not only reins the power of user reviews and suggestions of products, but also share facts about users with retail merchants. Recommendations from friends add authenticity to the value of a brand or product seeing that they come from a trustworthy source, which can effect in more sales.

Advantages to Online Shoppers:

The online shoppers have the greatest benefits to use social shopping sites. It offers a platform where they can build and share their wish list, find products they did not know subsisted, exchange shopping tips with others, make versed buying decisions, and even disclose their sense of style.

Now, let us start with the following Five Social Shopping Sites - A part of ecommerce marketing strategy.
1. Kaboodle
2. Wists
3. Stylehives
4. StyleFeeder
5. Addoway
To the retailers: create profile, submit most selling product of your ecommerce site to one of site from an above list, and get the buyers!

To the shoppers: visit all above websites and find the products of your choice!

Scope for Automation on Ecommerce Websites

Thousands of ecommerce websites offering various products and services have been launched and disappeared from the Internet every day. Only few of them get attention of people. Why does this happen? What would be the reasons? The questions like these certainly come in your mind as a retailer. All these depend on the behavior of the customers towards your ecommerce website.

In traditional forms of business, buyers and sellers both have the face-to-face conversation about a product, its features; even there is a scope for bargaining the cost of product in some cases. In online business, all these follow up will be done through emails and other ecommerce tools available with a scope of automation.

Measuring usability or user’s behavior towards the top landing pages in your ecommerce store is the first step after launching your store. You can plan the areas of automation based on the usability testing report and consult an ecommerce website developer to create custom ecommerce design and add functionality for better opportunities of organizing of customer records, follow up with customers and customer engagement. These are the three main areas that dealt with consumers and should be automated to get more customer value towards your business, which will save hours of your valuable time.

See the user, merchant and the process in the below image to find the areas where automation required...

Ecommerce FeaturesCertain areas that need to be considered for automation are as follows…

  • List management
  • Customer follow-up and history
  • Contact Info
  • Order processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Order confirmation
Follow up...
  • Auto responder
  • Welcome messages
  • Thank you messages
  • Shipping Status
  • Order Status
You can keep track of all an above activities. You can import and export the list of customer records as well. Customers can get the confirmation of the orders they placed and shipped them successfully by getting the status from the auto responder. You can sort and part lists for e-mail marketing and add special customers to particular auto responder series.

Read Before Investing in Ecommerce Web Development – a SWOT Analysis

All about Ecommerce:

Ecommerce or electronic commerce is nothingness but doing business by selling and purchasing of various articles online throughout the computer and the Internet. Business households all over the world are spending on ecommerce website development for the extension for their businesses. This is an immense thought, and top most experts are engaging themselves on finding the best ecommerce shopping cart solutions. Nevertheless, in this blog our extent is only to talk about that e-commerce which can be completed by working from home and with a remarkably little investment.
SWOT Analysis of EcommerceEcommerce Strength:
  • It will be started by a very small investment
  • Your business will operate in 24 hours and 7 days in a week
  • Get the global presence and do your business just sitting at your home or office
  • Customer can get the benefit of low-priced products as it directly attained from a manufacturer
  • Compared to the traditional business system, the advertising of the product will be cost effective
  • You have secured and fast payment procedures and can do it from any part of the world
  • Low maintenance and staff cost
  • Customer gets directly informed by the discounts and other offering from the ecommerce site
Ecommerce Weaknesses:
  • Lack of direct interaction between retailer and consumer, the scope of convincing the consumers does not exist
  • Most of the people have a habit Split infinitive the product rather than buying from the internet
  • Sometimes shipping cost increases the product cost due to far away areas
  • It does not have enough no. of potential buyers who prefer the internet for shopping
  • No market presence
Ecommerce Opportunities:
  • Increasing internet users in a rapid way are the best for ecommerce development
  • Ecommerce has the bright future as the people feel more comfortable to buying products from online shopping stores
  • Many giant companies have already entered into the ecommerce; therefore, it will be great opportunities of gathering people and make them habitual and confident about buying a product through the internet
  • Competitor slow to adapt new technology
Ecommerce Threats:
  • Everyday something new in the technology of ecommerce introduced; if your competitor has implemented it, then it could be big threat to your ecommerce business
  • Increasing use of Smartphone like iPhone, Android and its applications may decrease the no. of desktop internet users and finally the most ecommerce users will be diverting to M-Commerce
  • Changing customer taste
  • Closing of geographical market
  • Changing in government policies
  • Tax increases
Hope, you get the answers of all your queries with regard to e-commerce and its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats! You can discuss your thoughts on SWOT analysis of Ecommerce, if you supposed to have something that is missing out here!