Ecommerce Storefronts Reviews - Yahoo Store, eBay Store and Amazon

There are plenty of online ecommerce stores are available on the Internet. As a customer, you certainly not look back to find out the platform that the store has been developed on, and even it does not matter for any consumer to know about the ecommerce platform used by a store owner. They only concern about its design, looks and content. If they find it friendly and engaging, then no one can stop them to place an order. Deciding what platform to use for building a store is the retailer’s job.

Here, we recommend three essential customized ecommerce storefronts; Yahoo Store, eBay Store and Amazon web store to the existing ecommerce store owners as a best option of converting in one these three storefronts. Each storefront has some unique features.

Yahoo Shopping Store:
Yahoo Store is a perfect, popular and an affordable storefront if you are small or medium sized business holder. No matter if you do not know any programming language or having any technical specifications require setting up an online store. Yahoo shopping Store is a powerful platform that helps integrating some advanced level functionality for making the process of your store more flexible for both, owner as well as shoppers end. It offers a feasible alternative to popularize your business to the next level. The internet world demonstrates countless opportunities to set up you in this digital world.
It is viable to have a well-formed structure and online tool to obtain your business goals. Yahoo store design is offering complete functionality and storefront solutions for all the difficulties implicated in perspective of the online business establishment. It allows the business owners to center on picking out conscious viewers and inveigles them to convert in sales. This portal comprises of more than 17,000 retailers and can offer you the higher performance. Hiring Yahoo Merchant Solutions will make you free from all the aspects of ecommerce, like hosting, domain name selection and even the marketing of the store by giving a free opportunity to add the products and services of your store into Yahoo Shopping. The Yahoo Store development tools offer you with the unavailing opportunities, starting from allowing up to unlimited numbers of web pages, 24/7support services, features, which cater for all your business requirements.

eBay Store Design:
Opening a customized store on eBay is apparently the quickest and simplest way to get your business on eBay off the bottom. With eBay, and specifically once you have a store up and running. You can relish the deliverance and versatility of running your own business, all time encircled to bring up your kids. Building an eBay store is like a flash and relaxed. Obviously, the initial thing you will desire is a personal computer with the Internet. Once you have that available, go to and find out the features and functions offered by the eBay Store Design.

Amazon Webstore:
There are two aspects for online business, the design and marketing of the products, you are offering. Amazon a well known online shopping store owner offers an Amazon Webstore that provides a link between your shopping cart to customers who searching for the specific products. The ecommerce website designed in Amazon storefront facilitates a retailer in producing a successful ecommerce business by offering easy-to-use tools and integrated administrative support.

Why Content Optimization is Essential for Ecommerce Website?

The couple of days ago, I was searching for some of the best ecommerce websites. That was the beginning of my analysis. Developing an ecommerce website require research and analysis before making it online. I was eager to know the factors that are the most influencing to make any ecommerce website more popular.
We all know that the search engines are the main source of getting online buyers, and Content is the essential element for any ecommerce site to make it visible in search engine. It will be in various formats like text, images, video, audio, etc. Here, we are talking about content in the form of text.

You can hire a professional content writer to get content with all the web pages. It requires the SEO friendly Ecommerce content optimization process than after. It also depends on how you manage all the content, means what software you are using to organize and store whole ecommerce website content. WordPress and Drupal are the best example of such Content Management Software.

Content for Ecommerce or any other website should be unique and interesting would always be the primary goal. The search engines and the websites of companies are trusted by consumers for information pertaining to any product or service, which is one of the major reasons why companies should go ahead and enable eCommerce content development for their websites.

To make it more engaging, we can optimize the content by considering the following elements,
  • Optimizing content in title, meta description for page identification
  • Keyword rich content and keyword density
  • Highlighting a primary keyword in bold, italics, etc.
  • Put a keyword in navigation
  • Contain a keyword that linking out to a related category page
  • The common phrases, e.g. cart, checkout, shipping, contact us should be highlighted.
  • Highlighting promotional offers, free shipping, coupons, etc.
  • Engaging content in banners
  • If the toll free number available, then place it on top and highlight.
  • Terms highlighting the secure website
This is the specific to ‘Landing Page Optimization’. For ‘Inner Page Optimization’ or as we called ‘Product Page Optimization’ for an ecommerce website can include few other elements, which are as follows,
  • Keyword in Breadcrumbs (navigation path)
  • Product details – name, price, quantity
  • Social integration tools to refer a product to friend
  • Product review section for customer
  • Highlighting related product
The above-named all points can also be determined as behavioral patterns of the buyers when they respond to such as turn offs. You can rest guaranteed that experienced and eminent eCommerce content development experts can give you outcomes that you wish in your electronic commerce websites.

Checklist for Developing Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

According to Wikipedia,
“A shopping cart (trolley, carriage, buggy) is a cart supplied by a shop, especially supermarkets, for use by customers inside the shop for transport of merchandise to the check-out counter during shopping. Customers can then also use the cart to transport their purchased goods to their cars.”

Shopping cart software is software used in e-commerce to assist people making purchases online, analogous to the American English term 'shopping cart'. In British English, it is generally known as a shopping basket, almost exclusively shortened on websites to 'basket'.

The software allows online shopping customers to accumulate a list of items for purchase, described metaphorically as "placing items in the shopping cart". Upon checkout, the software typically calculates a total for the order, including shipping and handling (i.e. postage and packing) charges and the associated taxes, as applicable.”

There is a surfeit of ecommerce shopping cart alternatives from free; open source to ace that requires a huge amount to be paid. All these possibilities can be staggering for someone valuing what is optimum for their on-line ecommerce store. First, you have to settle your needs and distribute them in three different groups; features that must require, features that should be, and features that are advanced. To help get you commenced developing shopping cart system; here are some communal features and a checklist to consider.


Once you decided to build an online store, then you need to determine the number of products that the shopping cart can handle. You can just have estimation of the number of products that you are currently planning to handle and the products that you will have in next three to five years. Accordingly, you can hire a shopping cart developer to develop such software that has a capacity to handle the products you are expecting; otherwise, you may have to redesign it in, which may cost a lot.

Shopping cart software provides a platform to manage all the inventory, stock and order related info at one place. Have you ever thought about the other software or application that requires integration with this shopping cart? If you do not know, then just think about. I know one, and it is Quick Books. It is the accounting software, which is highly recommended and most popular so that pick up such shopping that offers this kind of integration.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization:
Just imagine that your site is not showing in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc., and you want its presence in search engines, then you need to make sure and optimized your site by implementing the Title, Meta description and keywords and other SEO factors immediately.

What if someone asked, how many people visit your shopping cart, how many of them just bounced, what pages they mostly visit, sources, they find your site and place where they left your site, etc., and the answer is Google Analytics code. You can put this code and track all the activities of your store and measure the traffic, conversion and for making it better.

Design Control:
Another influential characteristic of your online store will be how much customization control you have over the appearance & feel. Some are fully customizable enabling you modifies everything while others allow you to use pre-designed templates to modify most stuff but preserve their general layout. The checkout pages are some of the most prominent in able to reorganize basics of the page to view what is desirable for the most gross revenue.

Customer Data:
Establishing a consumer support, is a keystone of any best-selling business, whether it is an online store or a retail brick and mortar location. The best way to raise your sales is to keep in touch with previous customers via email or direct mail promotions. You will have to be too easily store and approach customer information to make this happen. Furthermore, you want to be able to all release for a particular customer, in case there are any support issues from returns to special offers.

Let's see Which Shopping Cart Works Best?

Ways of Doing Online or Ecommerce Business!

We are here to talk more about business on the internet or web. We all know one traditional system of doing business for years, in which a person or group of persons manages all the transactions and activities of business with the presence of a shop, store or shopping mall. Availability of information technology and its outsourcing services, it has become possible to sell products and services online via E commerce. Including ‘e’ to commerce enables the different types of business called, e-business, e-store, e-shop, e-commerce, e-trade, etc

Electronic Commerce, which is the form of digitally enabled business and carries commercial transactions over the internet, has gained its popularity because of the interest of people. Internet savvy people usually prefer to do shopping online. Retailers have no way to enter the online business. It is tough to know and learn all the aspects of designing and development of the ecommerce website for a retailer first time entering into ecommerce business. They must have an idea about few forms of e-business as follows,

Following are the various ways of doing online or E-commerce Business:

B2C – Business to Consumer:
As the name recommends, it is the model leading to businesses and consumers. This is the most coarse e-commerce division. In this model, online enterprises sell to distinctive consumers. When B2C began, it has possessed a small share in the marketplace for last 15 years and its extension was exponential. The basic idea over this kind of business is that the online retail merchants and dealers can exchange their products to the online shopper by using evident of data, which is ready for used via different internet marketing tools. E.g., an online pharmaceutics delivering free medical services and marketing medicines to patients is the retinue B2C model.

B2B –Business to Business:
It is the large form of Ecommerce business implying the enterprise of trillions of dollars. In this format, the shoppers and retailers are both business existences involved and do not require an individual customer. It is like the producer supplying goods to the retail merchant or wholesaler. E.g., Dell offers computers and other related products online. However, it does not produce all the computers, as they purchase those from others and sell them online.

C2C – Consumer to Consumer:
It promotes the online deals of products or services amid two people. Even though there is no perceptible mediator participating in this kind of business, both parties cannot bring out the negotiations without the platform, which is offered by the online marketplace such as Amazon.

P2P – Peer to Peer:
This is the model is something different from other models of ecommerce. It is basically a technology. In which, a person directly shares files and other computer resources without accessing a central web server. By installing the software, it can be easily used by the two parties in a common platform. Peer to peer is more of a market where the sellers come and go as they please. You never undergo what you will look for until you get there. The goods are not in the same place every time. All these conjecturing nomads could pack up and go out the town the next day, and you would be over there in the shopping centre again, annoying to the way down where they moved so you could proceed, too.

M-Commerce – Mobile Commerce:
Mobile Commerce relates to wireless electronic commerce used for escorting commerce or business via a handy device like cellular phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs). It is also revealed that it is the latest generation wireless ecommerce that requires no wire and add-in devices. Mobile commerce is typically called as "M Commerce" in which person can do any sort of transaction, comprising, purchasing and selling of the merchandise, transferring the money by acquiring wireless internet service on the mobile handset itself.

The next era of commerce would most in all probabilities be mobile commerce or M Commerce. Assuming its broad potential, it will reach to all and big brands of the mobile handsets are manufacturing with WAP enabled smart phones and offering the highest wireless the internet and web means covering individual, official and business requirement to cover the way of mobile commerce that would be very productive for them forthcoming.