How SOPA can affect an ecommerce store

People are in the support of anti-SOPA movement. Until, this anti-Piracy bill passes, I erge people to support continue. It may affect to almost all forms of online sources such as your website, blog, ecommerce store, social networks, forums, portals etc. People are thinking that they are getting restricted. It does not mean that they can not share their photos, music, video and other forms of content but it can be censored by the SOPA and PIPA.

Let's take an example, I own an E-commerce website that provide goods and services to the users in United States then, this Ecommerce website should be passed under SOPA to check if it does not break the rules or regualtions of SOPA.

So, can anyone has more ideas that how it could affect an E-commerce website if it passes?

Like this story in Reddit here, if your are in the support of anti-SOPA movement.

Social Search Engines and Ecommerce Store

Personalized Search Engine – a new era of Search Engine begins: 
Recently, Google has transformed its search engine to social search engine or personalized search engine or an integration of the Google+ into Search engine. Search result has now being influenced by the interest of people, their preferences, photos and posts shared in their Google+ page or profile when they have signed-in. Therefore, it is now being logical the previous statement made by Google when they have released the encrypt version and blocked all organic (signed-in) search queries from Google Analytics and said this is because of the privacy as it was the part of this new integration of Google+ to search.After a series of enhancements in Google search engine as seen below, it is now being confirmed that People can see list of publically shared results of whom they are following or those who are in their circles – if he/she is being search something after signing on Google+.
  • Google Instant
  • Place Search
  • Instant Previews
  • Social Search Update
  • Recipe View
  • Google Profile Enhanced
  • +1 Button
  • Search by Image
  • Flight Search
  • Personal Results
  • Profile in Search
  • Related people and page
You can find more information on last three search engine updates in this post, [Search, plus Your World] and all other updates here.

On the other hand, make sure, if you have heard about Google’s Custom Search Engine, then it is used in websites as a site search tool powered by Google.

Personalized Search Engine and E-commerce Store:
Guess you are an online retailer and selling branded and designer Sunglasses over your ecommerce store and struggling with getting potential customers – a solution is to have the Google+ page for your ecommerce business. The community is behind on the most search queries, therefore if you have signed-in your G+ page and have huge following and followers, you may discover the personal results, posts, photos, meaningful conversation from their profile to search engine on the topic you are interested in a way it wasn’t possible before.
You are selling Sunglasses, you can find what people are talking about Sunglasses, what they like, dislike, suggesting people and pages may enable you to follow or add them into your circle. You can also search profile of people or pages directly into the search box auto complete whether he/she might be interesting for you to add or not.

Of course, there are some other ways to promote ecommerce store into Google’s personalized search engine – share your views and ideas on this topic via comments.

Shopping Cart Abandonment - How to avoid this

When I was exploring the web to find out the infographics and resources on Shopping cart abandonment, my search was ended with this excellent infographics, which basically focus on checkout page of an ecommerce site that how you can improve this page so that it will help you  (as an online ecommerce store owner) to decrease a shopping cart abandonment rate and what you can Do's and Don't.

Here is the infographics: