Ideas to Make this Valentine’s Day Special

The time has now become so, romantic as still we find snow falling in the countries like USA, UK etc. Valentine’s Day is so special in these countries and the consumer from these places is in the mood of celebrating this event with joy. Occasion like Christmas, Valentine’s Day will always be hot for eCommerce website developers and designers to implement the offers, discount and coupon for this day. There has been a research conducted by BIGSearch of around 8913 people and half of them are planning to celebrate this special day. Moreover, if your date is an online shopper, then you could be happy because of the following reasons,
  • shoppers plan to spend a net average of $114.25 on just their significant other or spouse, about 66% more than offline only shoppers do.
  • shoppers will also spend more than their offline-only counterparts on other family members such as children and parents, as well as friends, co-workers and pets (really!).
  • Altogether, online shoppers plan to spend a combined net average of almost $200 for Valentine’s Day, or about two-thirds more than offline-only shoppers.

Download full results of an above survey from here.

By studying an above chart, you could have more Valentine's day ideas about what to buy for your loved ones. It could be Greeting Cards, Candy, and Flowers etc. According to the survey, the flowers remain favorite in the 2 out of 4 people shopping online. Most of the off line spending is on jewelry so; people are choosing to buy other Valentine’s gifts from online shopping sites.

So, what you have selected for your Valentine ;-)


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