Causes of Shopping Cart Abandonment and Solutions

How many stores you visited are depending on how much you are interested in online shopping? If you are regular customer of a particular ecommerce store, it can be determined that you like their shopping cart system, not because you are familiar, but it offers you the features that you are expecting. Not all people have the same interest; there are many reasons that they lose their interest in purchasing an online product or service. Such shopping cart abandonment issues minimize the ecommerce website conversions or sales. As a storeowner, you always try to eliminate such shopping cart issues to enhance the shopping experience all the way entering into the shopping cart the completion of the ecommerce checkout process.
What is Shopping Cart abandonment?For online retailers, shopping cart abandonment is a known issue, and they believe that it is a serious problem and increase the type of visitors not converting into the customers. Two marketing research firms, Andersen Consulting and Forrester Research has determined same shopping cart abandonment rate. It is 25 percent, while it seems to be as varied rates of shopping cart abandonment by the various marketing research firms but the statistics, they provide are not so convenient to the online retailers. As an online retailer, all you need to do is to comprehend the main reasons of the abandonment of an ecommerce shopping cart.

Here are the top shopping cart abandonment reasons cited according to the Forrester Research,

Causes of Shopping Cart abandonment
  • 57% – Expecting to have free shipping cost
  • 48% – Not interested because total cost of purchase is more
  • 41% – Used shopping cart for research purpose
  • 19% – Didn’t want to wait for the product
  • 18% – Prefer purchasing offline
  • 15% – Checkout process too complicated
  • 12% – Other reasons
Now, look at the solutions to reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment. Four simple ways I have determined that you can follow,
  • Be reliable and unambiguous
  • Reduce the number of steps
  • Do not compel customers
  • Do not hold back on photos of your products
I tried determining best possible causes and solutions. If you think more, you can leave a comment below.


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