Enhancing the Ecommerce Product Page Efficiency

Before we highlight Best Practices for Product Page of an Ecommerce Website, it will be interesting for you to visit our two previous posts; the first was on best practices incorporate with Ecommerce Web Design, and the second was on Ecommerce Website Promotion. This is the third one, which is also associated with ecommerce best practices, and I am sure it will be helpful to the ecommerce web designers, online retailers and ecommerce SEO professionals. When we picked a particular PRODUCT PAGE from the product-listing page, there were two goals in our mind, to keep existing customers and to engage new customers. If we concentrate on the areas or items that enhance the efficiency of product pages, then it is easy to convert the visitors into buyers.
To increase the USABILITY, see how it is worth to add or improve the following Product Management Features on the ecommerce product page,
  • Stock Levels: Make sure to display the level of stocks you have in your store e.g. 'items in stocks', 'in stocks', etc.  if you cannot indicate this to the product page, then for the customer who already put an order for that product will have to wait for your response, and afterward you have to apologies by sending an email that product is out of stock, which creates a bad impression of your ecommerce store.
  • Use of Images: These are necessary, one of the most significant elements in a shopper deciding on whether they will buy. Ensure product imagery is lavish, of proper size, very good quality and indicates the product in various outlooks.
  • Demonstrate product using Videos/Images: Include as many as you can, each image or video you can supplement for your products provides you more chances of being found in search engines and imparts customers an extreme visible walk-through of your end products before they purchase.
  • Ability to zoom the images: Consistently enable your product images to be enlarged and make sure the enlarged version is in fact larger. You will be surprised of the lot of eCommerce websites that uses the same image for both the image outlook at product page and the zoomed image.
  • Utilize Multiple Tabs: It is prominent in secure your product pages don't look too littered, but at the same time, show all the vital information that the consumer might wish to go through in addition to delivering the search engines something large to crawl. Find out more about CSS or jQuery, it is likely to show a tabbed area which could be cast off to break up information such as description, reviews, specifications, etc. and by doing so, make sure it does not influence the design and layout of your product pages.
  • Display Everything: In spite of you believe it is not related, show it! What you might think over worthless information could rightly be vital essential for one of your shoppers. The more substance the better, break it up into relevant areas like utilizing the tabbed method above, for instance.
  • Related Product list: Mention related products on product pages so that if a specific product doesn't go with the precise needs of the shopper, they can outlook close and related products that may be what they are looking for.
  • “Add to Cart” Button: This is immense. Be sure that your “Add to Cart” button is extremely noticeable. Test different sizes and different colors to see, which performs best for your ecommerce site. Make sure it is positioned toward the topmost of your product page and not at underneath.
  • “Buy Now” Button: Ensure each product has a “Buy Now” button. Make the button large enough that customers can view it, but not too large that it vies with the product image.
  • Customer Reviews: Let customers to leave product reviews and be honest, show them all, in spite of, they are bad reviews - honesty and clarity go a long way in eCommerce. It is better to approve an unsatisfactory review but explain to it with a justification.
  • Voting: Allow your consumers to vote your products up and down, this provides other consumers an excellent idea of the level of acceptable your product range has and would enable consumers to sort them by popularity too.
  • Rollovers: Think about rollovers, which can show extra information to the customer (which retains them an additional click through to the page). This could be at a category level when observing products in a list which when turned over displays a tool-tip showing sizes that the product is stored in, for instance.). This could likely be used for images at the product page while rolling over the images that zoom the image to show in considerably closer detail.
  • Social Links: Make sure to contain links to “like” functionality as it helps share your product to the visitors' Facebook wall, and other relevant social media accounts.
  • Warranty information: Containing a powerful warranty program will put consumers at ease. E.g., Offering Lifetime warranty is very beneficial.
You can quickly quote here to get more advice to optimize your existing or pre-launched product page.
We schedule best practices on shopping cart and checkout around next week.


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