How SOPA can affect an ecommerce store

People are in the support of anti-SOPA movement. Until, this anti-Piracy bill passes, I erge people to support continue. It may affect to almost all forms of online sources such as your website, blog, ecommerce store, social networks, forums, portals etc. People are thinking that they are getting restricted. It does not mean that they can not share their photos, music, video and other forms of content but it can be censored by the SOPA and PIPA.

Let's take an example, I own an E-commerce website that provide goods and services to the users in United States then, this Ecommerce website should be passed under SOPA to check if it does not break the rules or regualtions of SOPA.

So, can anyone has more ideas that how it could affect an E-commerce website if it passes?

Like this story in Reddit here, if your are in the support of anti-SOPA movement.


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