Ecommerce in 2013: Selling More with New Tech and Device

Don't look back in 2012 for ecommerce, it is set to grow exponentially in 2013, what with the advent of mobile devices that make online shopping instant, fun, and too easy. Your regular site is also all set to reap the benefits of the new technology that helps you sell more from your e-commerce store.

What technology can ecommerce business owners turn into the best shopping experience for their customers?

Here are few technologies you should invest in for achieving your objectives in 2013:

Advanced Search: The technology that makes available millions of search results at the click of a button was already available. Now you need technology that presents a comprehensive list of product names as well as related products right there in the drop down suggestions from the search box. Your search box can offer thumbnail images, categories, product details, and pricing in the description for each result. Help your customer shop easily with advanced search capabilities.

Field Validation in the Checkout Form: Imagine a customer’s frustration when he/she must fill out all the fields in the checkout form all over again because one of the fields could not be validated. Validation capabilities integrated into the form itself will simply alert the user to fields that could not be validated. The user can just fill in appropriate information and proceed through checkout. No need to fill in the details all over again, no matter how few fields are used.

Real-time Inventory: Customers are also frustrated when they reach the product page and find that the color, model, or size of the product they want is not available. To prevent such a situation, the products pages themselves can carry information on the exact items available in the store. You can even provide an idea about when the out-of-stock products will be available.

Product Videos: There are plenty of ecommerce features to communicate the look and feel of your products to your customer. Product zoom and animation are some of the other such features. But they are no match for short videos on the product page that can be re-sized to fit the screen. Short videos will load fast and convey an accurate idea of the product to the shopper.

As the year progresses, we are likely to see a plethora of new features introduced for e-commerce stores. It is important to keep tabs on new features offered by ecommerce development services providers. Keep your eyes peeled and your e-commerce store updated with the latest and best features for your customers. It will prove to be a worthy investment. 

Watch space for more in-store features....


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