10 Secret Tips for eCommerce Website Growth to Keep Eye On

eCommerce website building tips
I want to draw your attention towards creating a best eCommerce website. I will not go deep into the registration process of domain, hosting and so on. But, I can certainly point out few best tips for building a custom eCommerce website from scratch. Moreover, these tips help you in finding the best custom eCommerce platform as well.

Here are the tips, hope you are excited to see all these eCommerce tips...

1. Set your business plan:

As with any business, you need to know what to sell and whom to sell. This will define how to present your products.

On the internet there is another great advantage in understanding the right questions of your target audience will help produce unique and quality content. This is important because it can make you stand search engines by increasing their visits and enabling more sales.

2. Describe your products as well:

If you think you can just copy the description that comes along in the product manufacturer's website or institutional rethink box.

If your content is equal to all, how do you expect to stand out in the search engines? Search engines (Google and Bing) do not like duplicate content and may even penalize your site, in addition, if someone is looking for information of a particular product on the web is because you have an interest in that particular product.

Try features related to Product/Item page enhancement in your site as follow:

3. Image is everything:

How many times a well-fitted window not attracted you to the store? 

Image Optimization in eCommerce SiteOn the internet is even worse! The design of your store and product image greatly influence the purchase, remember that the customer will not have the touch, will not feel the smell and in most cases they could not use the product. It has nice pictures in all possible angles and colors, zoom to see more closely, product videos, so put everything if possible!

Try features related to Image optimization in your site as follow:

4. Earn social reputation:

Most simply believe that open a twitter account and create a Facebook page will solve everything, but in the end only gets "flooded timeline" of their customers and they have no idea how to grow the community. If you think about using social networks to increase exposure of your business, then use the truth to understand the customers, know what they want and what they expect as well as feedback on how you can improve the lives of these people.

Take examples of Oreo and Coca Cola, see how they are using such networks to engage with their customers, potential visitors etc.

5. More content = more channels = more sales:

Okay it's not that simple, though much of it is true, more content allows you to index more pages, search engines love large sites, in addition, to diversify content on social networks can also bring visitors. Just remember that not only have worth much, it has to have quality.

6. Google Analytics is your best friend:

Google Analytics Setup for eCommerce SiteImagine receiving reports where it came from every user, knowing that he typed keyword in search engine, which he accessed pages to complete the purchase? A good (and well customized) web analytic tool does this and more.

There are several other web analytic tools on the market, but Google Analytics is free and best in the beginning, learn how to use it or let's hire a professional.

Try features related to Search engine optimization in your site as follow:

7. Free Shipping:
Shipping Integration in eCommerce Site
Many people give up at the last minute because it realizes that the shipping fee is too high to purchase and, remember this is a deciding factor in the purchase.

Try features related to Shipping integration in your site as follow:

8. Be straight like a punch in the mouth:

Believe me, your customer will probably find many interruption when they come into your store, after all you are responsible to clear all such interruptions and offer them a best product in best price with excellent after sale service.

A banner in the middle of the buying process can make it run away from your site and ends up falling on the competitor's site. Think about it when you have a "great idea" to put ads within your site without interruptions.

9. Identify a point of your strength:

In the physical world, a store with a good (well located) commercial point can be the difference between an average business and other exceptional on the internet where everything is a few clicks away, the smallest difference can do damage.

What does your store has that makes it worthwhile? 

What is its unique quality that makes you stand out from the crowd? Think about it.

10. Test everything you can:

You can create variations of product pages and simply compare which have a higher conversion rate, is most effective when generating a sale.

One way to do this is through A / B testing, but there are others and I will not dig into more. The important thing here is that, through this type of testing, you can simply compare what works best for your business gradually.

Remember that small details make a big difference!

Finally, and not least, keep reading our blog and share your thoughts.


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