Sky-high your Small Business with Revamped Yahoo! Store Platform

Yahoo's venerable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) eCommerce platform has acquired a new avatar. The new SaaS goal has been reinvented to help small business eCommerce retailers, like you, gain top dollars. The reinvented platform will make you a pro at running your yahoo ecommerce online store business from anywhere, anytime. In other words, you can take your competitors head-on with Yahoo's newly innovated Software-as-a-Service eCommerce platform.

According to the vice president and head of Yahoo Small Businesses, the new and revamped Yahoo stores platform is specifically equipped to do four things for users:
Sky-high your Small Business with Revamped Yahoo Store Platform
  • Help small businesses open online stores easily
  • Offers mobile first eCommerce
  • Help new companies make quick sales
  • Easy scalability to help grow businesses
Setting up stores for online businesses quickly:

If you don't have a merchant account right now, don't worry. Yahoo, backed by its SaaS platform offers temporary payment gateway to new Internet retailers, so that they can start selling, without even having an approved merchant account.

Yahoo will have them covered until the sale is made. (But, once the sale is made opening a merchant account becomes mandatory.) This automatic payment processing feature will help Yahoo stores handle competition.

Further, it also offers customized themes for new sellers to use. So, if you are in a hurry to set up your online store, go the Yahoo! way. It's intuitive, easy and fast. If these weren't enough, it has also come up with a handsome administration site, which is a huge leap for Yahoo and its customers.

Mobile first design strategy for your future eCommerce:

Yahoo Store is mobile first. So if your site has just been created, it will be optimized for smart phone or tablet the instant its launched. With 37 percent of eCommerce traffic coming from mobile devices (according to Custora, a predictive analytics platform), it makes sense for Yahoo to go by the mobile first rule of thumb and in turn benefiting businesses attract mobile traffic.

Integrated marketing for new retailers to get first hundred sales fast:

To help new eCommerce businesses get “first hundred sales” fast, Yahoo Store has come with an app gallery that ensures easy integration with services like Yahoo Gemini - the company’s mobile, search, and native advertising platform - Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, and Justuno, to name a few of the available apps.

Users have to pay for them, and then can integrate them without having to leave the Yahoo Stores administration site and without any design or development knowledge.

Plus, the in-built chat feature allows store owners and managers to initiate chat with customers browsing the site or respond to chatting customers with questions.  Of course, chat is an excellent tool for making an eCommerce sale.

The new Yahoo! Stores also has a built-in-chat feature that allows store owners and managers initiate chat with customers browsing the site or respond to chatting customers with questions. Chat is a powerful tool for making an ecommerce sale.

New Changes to Scale and Perform:

Yahoo has recently worked toward improving page load times and peak traffic performance, which will benefit Yahoo Stores in a major way. While some Yahoo customers will see the new Yahoo Stores platform now, it won't be available for all  Yahoo Stores for at least a few weeks.

The Very Competitive eCommerce Platform Market:

For the past 16 years Yahoo has been serving many eCommerce innovators. Though there was a downtime in the middle, as the number of competitive eCommerce solutions increased, it's once again upping its game to make Yahoo Stores platform much more competitive.

To cut the long story short, Yahoo Stores eCommerce platform is doing all that it can and more to help small businesses and existing customers meet their sales goals. Though the store may face certain shortcomings, it makes Yahoo! Stores competitive with the best SaaS eCommerce solutions.


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