Top Ecommerce Fears and Frauds and Tips to Minimize It!

Ecommerce is now a day one of the most popular ways of selling goods and services online. It grows as the internet users are rising all over the world. At the same time, those who are running a custom ecommerce store using the platforms like, php, etc. does not think over the ecommerce features that can create more anxieties to their prospective consumers. In this case, an online store owner has to make sure about the ecommerce services they are hiring from. SEO friendly ecommerce website is another aspect that can be considered before finding the best ecommerce web solutions providers.

The purpose of stating an above discussion is to minimize the ecommerce fears from the customer side. This discussion all about security and safety of the ecommerce store users to make them clear about the ecommerce fears they have in their mind during the time when they are visiting this store. You can hire ecommerce consulting services before planning to hire Ecommerce Development Company to build an ecommerce website.

I have tried to list out here major ecommerce fears coming from consumers and the next you will find the tips to minimize these kind of anxieties.
  • Fears from credit card information being stolen
  • It’s not a ‘real’ store
  • You will sell my information
  • I can’t tell what the product is really like
  • Not being able to track the orders
  • Needing help from a sales person
  • If you don’t like it, I will be stuck with it
Look at the following tips, which help to minimize online shopping fears:
  • The URL of an ecommerce website should be starting from “https” instead of “http”.
  • Avoid clicking on the pop-ups and warning that indicate something wrong with its SSL certificate.
  • Getting rid of malware will avoid possible attempt of hackers using software to capture key stokes and screen images.
  • Manage password by storing sensitive data on management software that allows for entering information onto online forms without having to retype it each time.
  • Consider one-time credit card numbers which can give additional protection
  • Are you using computer to visit an online shop? If yes, then install an anti-virus, spy-ware software in order to protect you from hackers, virus etc.
I could be able to find out the above ecommerce fears and tips, what else that you feel to be included?


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