How Social Shopping Sites Can Boost your Ecommerce Website Sales

Let’s see what is the social shopping site and how they can help an ecommerce website owner or any online business retailer to boost their sales. Social shopping provides a way for buyers and sellers to interact in a more obvious manner. Newer interpretations of social shopping sites depend on recommendations of friends to boost sales. The concept of today’s social shopping is not the new; it has become advanced now. The rise in the internet and smart phone users have performed the key role gathering the community of people who typically have been interested in making friends and fans for the social purpose.

Sometimes, it is hard to promote each product of the ecommerce websites that comprise the large number of products. In this case, the standard ecommerce seo and link building tactics are not worked. Social Media's tools like Facebook and Twitter are other ways to share the product instantly to the Facebook page and Twitter profile of your business. Did you get the benefit from these yet? I am sure your response will be NO because people mostly desire to be a fan of the popular brands like Coca Cola, McDonalds', etc. They like to discuss more about this product, but what if you own a store, have a collection of sunglasses, and expecting the large numbers of people to come and visit your ecommerce online store.

When visitors reach to any Social Shopping site, they are inspired to:
  • Find extreme deals from sellers you can trust;
  • Share what your friends are purchasing and selling;
  • Share deals you find with friends and reserve more.
Advantages of Social Shopping:

Advantages to Online Retail Merchants:

Social shopping provides benefits to retail merchants in that these websites not only reins the power of user reviews and suggestions of products, but also share facts about users with retail merchants. Recommendations from friends add authenticity to the value of a brand or product seeing that they come from a trustworthy source, which can effect in more sales.

Advantages to Online Shoppers:

The online shoppers have the greatest benefits to use social shopping sites. It offers a platform where they can build and share their wish list, find products they did not know subsisted, exchange shopping tips with others, make versed buying decisions, and even disclose their sense of style.

Now, let us start with the following Five Social Shopping Sites - A part of ecommerce marketing strategy.
1. Kaboodle
2. Wists
3. Stylehives
4. StyleFeeder
5. Addoway
To the retailers: create profile, submit most selling product of your ecommerce site to one of site from an above list, and get the buyers!

To the shoppers: visit all above websites and find the products of your choice!


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