Scope for Automation on Ecommerce Websites

Thousands of ecommerce websites offering various products and services have been launched and disappeared from the Internet every day. Only few of them get attention of people. Why does this happen? What would be the reasons? The questions like these certainly come in your mind as a retailer. All these depend on the behavior of the customers towards your ecommerce website.

In traditional forms of business, buyers and sellers both have the face-to-face conversation about a product, its features; even there is a scope for bargaining the cost of product in some cases. In online business, all these follow up will be done through emails and other ecommerce tools available with a scope of automation.

Measuring usability or user’s behavior towards the top landing pages in your ecommerce store is the first step after launching your store. You can plan the areas of automation based on the usability testing report and consult an ecommerce website developer to create custom ecommerce design and add functionality for better opportunities of organizing of customer records, follow up with customers and customer engagement. These are the three main areas that dealt with consumers and should be automated to get more customer value towards your business, which will save hours of your valuable time.

See the user, merchant and the process in the below image to find the areas where automation required...

Ecommerce FeaturesCertain areas that need to be considered for automation are as follows…

  • List management
  • Customer follow-up and history
  • Contact Info
  • Order processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Order confirmation
Follow up...
  • Auto responder
  • Welcome messages
  • Thank you messages
  • Shipping Status
  • Order Status
You can keep track of all an above activities. You can import and export the list of customer records as well. Customers can get the confirmation of the orders they placed and shipped them successfully by getting the status from the auto responder. You can sort and part lists for e-mail marketing and add special customers to particular auto responder series.


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