Unveils X.commerce by eBay

Recently, in San Francisco, opening Innovate 2011 Developer Conference – John Donahoe – a CEO of eBay has officially launched X.commerce, an open-source ecommerce platform. He summarized that it’s a unique platform that aggregates all the ecommerce services of all sized e-merchants. The strategies of eBay that we found recently for acquisition has now been more cleared.
The Magento, a free e-commerce platform acquired by eBay in 2010, so the combination of Magento ecommerce, and the experience of offering eBay stores design and development solutions with distributing over their own shopping store is enough to deploy a comprehensive solution called, X.commerce that has been tagged by them as,
“The future of technology-powered buying and selling” 
X.commerce is the platform that drives into the end-to-end and multi-channel commerce technology chosen by today’s modern consumers when they go for shopping online. 
For online retailers: 
X.commerce is an exclusive platform that performs the most modern commerce technologies easy to approach. X.commerce developers build a technology that is easy for the personal modification to any online retail business. In addition, the capability to measure quickly without investing in expensive, complicated configuration begins the playing field to retailers of any size, in any place, to strive for the success and win.
For ecommerce developers: 
X.commerce is a powerful, open ecosystem that enables integrators and ecommerce web developers with the most impeccable set of commerce-related tools and abilities in the world. Seeing that this ecosystem offers the path to eBay Inc.’s resources via this entry point, it also offers developers access to the large numbers of consumers and online retailers who are starving for best end-to-end commerce solutions.
X.commerce Fabric Overview:
The entire first floor consists of a platform to grow by the market place of Magento extensions and integration of all ecosystem services of eBay. The SDK will enable developers to contribute in the development of X.commerce. eBay is therefore, the challenge of breaking the borders between online and offline businesses and commenced new bridges between the web and sales areas in the concept of an innovative collaboration with the retail chain.
John Donahoe predicted more change in the next three years than in the previous 15, including the explosion of m-commerce. 
Give your views on this new open source platform, as it is more than ecommerce…


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