MCommerce as an alternative of Ecommerce

So far we have discussed several topics on E-commerce. Like, infographics screening history of electronic commerce, reviewed e-commerce storefronts, best practices on ecommerce – I and II, shopping cart as a heart of ecommerce, etc. Ecommerce has become a universal platform for small business today. In  anticipation of the introduction and growing use of smartphones, retailers have no other alternative for an ecommerce than this. But, thanks to Apple and other smartphones providers for providing new resources (MCommerce) to the retailers for marketing and selling their products and ideas through mobiles.

Let’s take an example of [hiding store name for privacy] – selling hair, cosmetics and beauty products online.

Total Visits from Mobile:

Total Visits by Mobile
Have you seen above screenshot?
Mobile Commerce
There are 298,135 visits acquired by different Mobile devices, which is almost 24% of total traffic acquired. Let’s compare other metrics, pages/visit, avg. visit duration, % new visits and bounce rate. Except bounce rate, the other metrics are almost same. It means that above engagement and consumers’ behavior confirms that people like to search, review and purchase products directly from their mobile. It is simple facts that countries have more Smartphone users have more insight and engagement in MCommerce and provide more scope of mobile application development for presenting their ideas through exciting mobile phone applications and utilities for better shopping experience. Here is a nice tool by Google to test your website that how it looks on a Smartphone. If you do not have enough budgets, you can use Google’s services to build a mobile site for free.

Let’s distribute above visits between Top 10 Mobile Devices as seen below:

Visits by Mobile Devices:
Visits by Mobile Devices
 Source: Google Analytics

Have you noticed bounce rates on above screenshots?
  • Visits via Personal Computers – 12,35,275 – Bounce Rate55.93%
  • Visits via Tablet, iPad – 100,696 – Bounce Rate – 57.63%
  • Visits via Mobile Device, iPhone – 110,899 – Bounce Rate – 69.51%
It’s clear that Mobile Device have more bounce visits than other devices and the reason could be size of the screen, so still it’s not an end of the era of traditional Ecommerce!

So, what else can be concluded from above facts and figures?
  • That people are using mobile for Shopping and it is growing eventually.
  • The technologies used in Mobile can do everything today that your personal computer can. 
  • You can go online and access any mobile friendly website and mobile apps directly.
  • You can also review product video and read review for any product before purchasing.
  • Comparisons shopping sites and social shopping search engines is giving you more options for products, pricing and other features to compare directly from your mobile.
  • Retailers have to adopt and keep eye on mobile technology for their business to grow.
  • Get more and quick response to the discounts, coupons and other offering available online.
  • Sharing and marketing QR code of your store in line with the product is a great idea.
  • Social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, have been more accessing on Mobile, build your profile in these networks to find potential customers and keep engaging with them.
That’s all from our side. Let’s provide your feedback on this topic.
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