5 Ecommerce Website Designing and Marketing Trends to Follow in 2013

It’s time to customize your ecommerce website. I visualize huge impact of 5 major ecommerce trends to Ecommerce website in 2013. Here they are:
Many times I have heard that the ecommerce will now shift to the Mcommerce (mobile, smartphones and tablets). It's true that the accessibility of internet in Mobile and Smartphones have increased so far and it's become easy to atleast evaluate the products directly from the shopping sites, but the customers are still feeling unsafe paying for the product, so stuff like these are expecting to be enhanced in 2013.
Mcommerce Solutions
It’s not an end of the Ecommerce; it’s a beginning of Advanced Ecommerce. Technologies used for developing ecommerce sites have already upgraded, e.g. a new version of WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, and so on. Thus ignoring the use of latest technology may help your competitors to bang you.

WordPress-CSS3-HTML5 - Advanced Technologies
Snippet showing on the Google Search isn’t been just the snippet, it has turned out to be Rich. You can also implement snippet code authorized by Google, e.g. Microdata, Microformats, RDFa etc. to demonstrate the rating, reviews and other product details directly on the Search result page. With this, the site can get more Clicks through Rate (CTR).
Rich Snippets for Products
Running a blog aligned with the site is still a great source of generating traffic. Adding an Authorship markup is an added advantage of getting authority from Google. So, start setting up an Authorship profile to show up this on Google search results page with a profile picture of real author.
Authorship for Blog
The Next big thing is Google Tag Management System, equivalent to CMS. For a large ecommerce website, it’s quite difficult to manage the various tags used in website for tracking and other purposes, e.g. Adwords, Affiliates etc. This tool stores all the tags at one place, which can be customized anytime and helps pages load faster, which eventually benefit to a conversion rate and SEO performance.
So far, I have briefly discussed about five big new ecommerce trends in 2013. Now, it’s your turn!


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