Why Inventory is most powerful Back-end Ecommerce Tool?

Internet made e-commerce possible. Both business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships can now be successfully managed. E-commerce giants such as eBay and Amazon have made their fortune over the last decade or so.
Inventory and Order Management for Ecommerce
Online shopping is a very significant internet activity in the US. That means there is a frenetic pace to the internet traffic and shopping transactions. Orders can be rapidly fulfilled only if inventory records are thorough, accurate, and up to date. To support such heavy online activity, an efficient back-end inventory system is a must. There are two popular programming technologies, Asp.Net and PHP – an inventory management software uses for. Inventory Control Software built with these technologies ensure more customization than built with others.

With this background, inventory management systems should be web-enabled and integrated to work seamlessly. Information such as SKUs, prices, product descriptions, and so on is a critical part of inventory systems. In addition, other product details, images, location by warehouse, thumbnails, etc. are also important. Adequate meta-tag information needs to be added to such software.
The best inventory systems also offer order fulfillment system and automatic updates capabilities. The inventory system needs to reflect a true account of the actual stock available at any given point in time. 

Other important attributes that inventory solutions include are, 
  • Order trigger reports generated when preset re-order levels are reached
  • Usage-trend reporting by product categories, which provide a snapshot on inventory utilization rates 
  • Support for bar-coding and RFID
  • Web-enabled feature that allows system log-ins from virtually any location that has internet access
  • Added flexibility to incorporate linking to other business systems (e.g., manufacturing systems, purchase order systems, and order fulfillment) 
  • Capability to generate inventory usage reports, order forecasts, and product return reports
The best inventory management system is one that enables businesses to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through effective, timely, and memorable service. Running an online store or business without such a system, becomes terribly complicated and negatively impacts the business.


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