How to Combat Buyers Objections for Higher Sales

Many times it's not enough to have outstanding web designs, simple and logical layout, proper categorization and attractive product images to convert a random visitor into a paying customer. The reasons for customers' hesitation can be many – from price to confusion about product functionality to product usability. Usually, it's easy to persuade customers to make a positive buying decisions when they are in face-to-face conversation with the salesman. But this is not possible in an eCommerce business. Are you facing the same situation? You can solve this problem by implementing Dale Carnegie's five principles. Read on to find out how you can implement them.

Unlike in a brick-and-mortar store, you directly can't talk to the visitors as soon as they enter your website. You have to be patient. You have to see their behavior – how they are looking for the items, which products they are checking out, which products they are adding to the shopping, and if they are completing the purchase. If they are abandoning the cart, you have to investigate why they are doing so.


Once you know the pain points of the customers, you need to rethink the process. For abandoned carts, you can send reminders to the users or you can get in touch with them to ask the reason behind such an action. It will definitely give you insights into the customers' psychology.


The next step is offer functionality and facilities to the users with the objective of improving conversion ratio. If the customers are abandoning the shopping cart due to lack of clarity of shipping charges, you can provide an automatic shipping calculator; if customers aren't finding help easily on the store, you can offer live  chat to them; and if customers are finding inadequate product information on the product listing page, improve them. To inspire customers' trust, you can also display various security seals and information about the safety procedures you follow.


Both you and your customers know what you want from each other. So it's time to convince visitors – by hook or crook –  that they will be making the right decision by buying the products from you. To convince the visitors, you can offer them special discounts, free shipping for certain orders, and reassurances about the quality of the product. If you have a huge queue of happy customers, you can also display their testimonials prominently. In short, this is the stage where you have to convince the visitors to buy from you. Period.


If whatever you are doing isn't working, i.e., buyers are still undecided whether to buy from you, you need to ask them point blank about the actual problem. You can use social networking platforms to ask your target audience about what's stopping them.  But make sure that the way you ask is funny yet relevant and up to the point.

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