How to Spruce Up your Business' About Us Page

Having an “About Us” page is quite important when you want to connect and build strong relationships with your target audience. It offers you a chance to make an ever-lasting impression on your target audience, and when this is done correctly, it helps you improve sales as well as the loyal base of customers. If you are curious to know how you can create interesting “About Us” page for outstanding sales, read on. 
Be interesting but honest 

Your customers would love to know from whom they are buying. So tell them what you do and what drives you. Talk about what problems you faced and how you solved them.Encourage them to share their stories with you. This will make you more than just a business for your customers.

Use consistent voice

Deciding what to say and how to say are two different things. You can make your words worthless or invaluable by using the right tone of voice. As you want to convert the visitors into paying customers, make sure that the About Us page is clear, consistent and distinct. The voice you use in this section should match with the rest of the content, including emails, press releases, white papers and anything else.

Introduce the team

Customers would love to know you and your team. So put up photos of the members who run the business. Mention their background, qualification and experience. If they have any interesting hobby, put that up too. Customers will definitely find it interesting.

Put reviews

The best form of marketing is customers' reviews. As they are honest, they carry more weight. So put up selected reviews on the About Us page. Although from SEO perspective you should have a separate page for customer reviews, putting up few on the About Us page shouldn't hurt.

Use illustrations, photos and videos

Illustrations, photos and videos are way more engaging than simple text. Use them to prominently display a customer testimonial. However, please remember to integrate these elements smoothly or the page will end up looking nonsensical and haphazard.

Be unique

There's no set rule about how your About Us page should look like. Depending on the nature of your business, business model and target audience, you should design the About Us page. Although there are templates available for the same, never use them. Always customize them to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Add social media icon buttons

When you add social media icon buttons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on the About Us page, you are enabling your users to promote your business on the social networking platform of their choice. And when a customer does this, it has all the potential to go viral.

Display the page prominently

Always display the About Us page prominently. Your users shouldn't need to go through the entire website just to know from whom they are buying. You can keep the link for the page at the top of the page – right or left, in a left-hand navigation column or even at the bottom of the home page.

Refresh the content

The worst thing you can do to your business is to offer outdated information to the customers. So as your business evolves, make sure your About Us page reflects the same.


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