Five Tips to Rock your E-commerce Website

I want your ecommerce website to be serviced so that it rocks. To get more traffic, conversion and better ROI, I have determined five areas that need to be focused. We should not forget about the ranking factors for search engines, which depend on these five areas mostly that we are going to talk about lately in this post. A little improvement can give your website more visibility for search engine as well as human. Some factors have no impact on search engines, e.g. Google looking ecommerce websites. Only human can decide that the ecommerce site they are viewing is really looking good or not. Not now but in the future search engines might be able to do this.

No matter which platforms for ecommerce development you used in back ends,, PHP, Yahoo Stores, eBay Store, etc. the tips for ecommerce website design shared here are common for each, so consult and make sure from your ecommerce developers if they did not focus highly on these areas.

Finally, the secrets to successful ecommerce are going to be revealed here. It defines that your e-commerce website should be…
  • Good looking
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to accessible
  • Easy to use
Good looking:
As discussed, this factor has the higher impact on Human and almost no impact to the search engine. Good-looking ecommerce website means to have a clear background, especially in white, nice font that encourages you to read further, clear image with perfect placement, icons for social media, payment gateways, security, awards, etc. should be eye-catching.
Easy to understand:
It is specific to the content that is easily understood by human and follows the search engine guidelines as the density and proximity of keywords used in content should be proper. It is a human tendency that they like to read less and within that timeline, it should be converted into the goals. Other things like, it should be easy to understand by all ages, whether your audiences are teenagers, younger’s or senior citizens.
Easy to navigate:
Navigation is a factor that has the huge impact to both Human and Search Engine. First, it should be placed exactly on the area that human usually go for when visiting to a particular website. For ecommerce website, find out all the possible filter attributes that relate to the products of the ecommerce stores. E.g. if your store sells branded male and female clothes, then you can offer the navigation or categorized using the filter like brand, gender, color, size, etc. Shoppers come to your site with specific product criteria, and navigation will provide them the way to reach easily to that specific location in your ecommerce store.
Easy to accessible:
Accessibility of the ecommerce website means the time it takes to open any page of your ecommerce site over the browser and the internet. Yes, it depends on the internet connection speed but on an average, it will be accessible within seven seconds. No matter if, you own large numbers of products in your store, heavy images, more codes as compare to the text, all should be optimized first to increase the speed of your ecommerce site.
Easy to use:
Make sure all above areas certainly help you to make your website easy to use for potential your potential visitors. In addition, you can focus on the end user goals or the call to action items of your ecommerce website like Add to cart button, highlight special offerings using attractive banners, display phone number for customer support, contact us details, etc.
So, now why are you waiting for? Hurry up and hire for your ecommerce website makeover!


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