3-Things you must need to know about SEO for Ecommerce

It's 21st century, and we all know why the search engines have become essentials to our day-to-day life. Those who are connected with the internet, once in a day access the Google or other search engines to search something. They may search best resources of learning, shopping, working, travelling and much more. If someone goes for searching best resources for online shopping, they find 10 best ecommerce websites on search engines. Now, the three things that you must need to know about SEO for Ecommerce start from here, first they notice a title of website showing on SERP if it contains exactly what they are looking for or not, which is an important factor for search engine too to rank high.
The next two things are related to off page search engine optimization process, building quality inbound links and optimizing your site getting it visible in major social networks. Everything that we are here talking about is for the small-business owners or retailers who want to see their ecommerce store on first page of the Google or other search engines.
I am sure that now you are exciting to know more about three things in details that are the part of SEO Friendly Ecommerce, so let’s start… 
Website Title Optimization: A part of on page SEO process...
If you already set up a breadcrumb to your ecommerce site, then it will be easy for you to define the title of each page of your ecommerce website, whether it is a landing page, category page, product page or any other promotional page. In the category page, you should contain your business brand name within title and for product page; you must contain the brand name of the product you are selling. e.g.
Category page title should be,
Sunglasses | Designer Sunglasses | Your Brand Name
Product page title should be,
Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Designer Ray-ban Sunglasses | Your Brand Name
Link building: A part of off page SEO process...
Quality Inbound links are the second essential factors for ranking in search engines. Many ways that you can use to request a link to your site. Go for a natural way. E.g. if you are an online retailer of sunglasses, you can find out the blog perusing information of sunglasses and commenting on their interesting blog post with your website link. This is called blog commenting. Other ways are directory submission, write an article with unique and interesting content and submit them to major article directories.
To know more, click on Search Engine Optimization to see what we offer in link building services for ecommerce website. 
Social Media Optimization: Building Social Network and Sharing to Social Bookmarking...
Social Media Optimization process is all about building friend, fans and followers of your online business using Facebook page and Twitter. Share all the updates of what you are selling, your promotional offering, free shipping, etc. to your Facebook and twitter. Additionally, you can share to major social news and bookmarking sites. E.g. Delicious, Digg etc.


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