Live Chat Integration - Part of Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Those who usually go for shopping online and find a live chat support will never miss a chance to chat with the live chat support executive [not for passing time:)] about to get more information of products or services they expect to buy, to get a solution for an issue they faced, etc. These are the typical examples, and it will have a huge impact to your customer services if you answer and resolve their queries quickly and politely. Customers will not be able to rely in your products or services up to the time of all of their questions are solved. The quicker and more effectively you comeback a customer’s query the faster they will buy from you.

This is a powerful e-commerce website marketing tip and the online retailer has already included this as a part of their ecommerce marketing strategy. Customers who participate in live chat are four times more acceptable to transform into a sale than those who do not. Of those that transform, an average of 61% does it throughout the same visit in which they chat.

Live Chat Support Services Tips – For Ecommerce Website Marketing:
Live Chat Support Services
  • Most important, your live chat support resources should be professional and quick in answering and they know what to reply when they do not have an answer.
  • For an online store, it is better to have 24/7 live chat support and your customer service agents will be dedicated and able to work long hours even if there is a holiday.
  • Answer quickly but smartly as your customer can take it as commitment from your side.
  • You can place Live Chat icon to all of your pages or some of the popular page of your site to get attention of potential customers for more engagement.
  • An automated chat invitation, a.k.a. proactive chat is a dominant customer engagement tool that could be easily set up.
Case Study: “Let’s get Insight into this post, Case Study on Live Chat about how it helps to increase conversion to find exactly how live chat support has changed the mind of a customer and encouraged him to place an order.”

Days have gone to use expensive phone support or email support. Integration of live chat feature into your site is the present and future of customer services. It is more effective, and it imposes less constraint on the customer service agent as well as the shopper. The e-commerce world is full of rivalry and by offering customized services to your customers by way of Live Chat; you ensure that your consumer sticks with you. Sometimes, customers get bored from scrolling through your website pages and did not get what they want, while the thing is available on your site. Same time a live chat support can save their time to search and directly come to you for products/services; they are looking for and feel confident about to buy it once they chat with you.

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